What are quilt kits? The Basics.

Quilt Kits That Will Fulfill All Your Sewing Desires

Sitting back and putting together a lovely warm quilt to snuggle in all winter long is probably the most therapeutic form of art. Not only are you turning pieces of fabric into something beneficial, but the process itself will help you feel calm and relaxed. However, a tiresome process can be finding the right amount of fabric and spending ages on the internet trying to figure out how to assemble one. Whether you like sewing frequently, want to learn a new skill, or just want a personalized quit this winter, quilt kits can solve all your problems.

What are quilt kits?

Quilt kits are essentially a little kit that consists of everything you need to put a big quilt together. You will never randomly run out of fabric, end up with an uneven quilt, or make a smaller quilt than you expect with these guys as long as you follow the instructions that come with it correctly. There is no way that you’ll feel any difficulty while putting this together. Just get your sewing machine out for a speedy compilation or a simple needle and thread if you like to take your time. Just like that, you’re good to go!

What will you find in a quilt kit?

In short, this quilt kit has everything that you need to curate the perfect quilt as fast as possible. It has a range of fabrics, including nautical fabrics, Aztec fabric, bird, thistle fabric , and so many more. Along with the long list of fabric, quilt kits also contain the following:

  • You can trim the fabric to form a design with 8" X 8" squares. This may vary depending on the kit and the size of the quilt.
  • The finished size will always be whatever it says on the kit.
  • In most cases, you have the option to customize the way your quilt will look by selecting a binding and backing of your choice.
  • All fabrics are pre-cut and ready to ship. If you want any material separately to customize your quilt further, you can always mix and match but sticking to the kit is a good idea for beginners.
  • The background fabric and foreground fabric are mostly provided in all kits.
  • All kits are extremely beginner-friendly, so it is excellent for first-time quilters.
  • There are no complex templates for you to cut out. At most, you’ll need to cut squares and rectangles only.
  • The cover layout is a complete guide to what needs to be done. However, you can always rearrange it once you get the hang of it and make a design you like, even if you're a beginner. So, you can place your favorite Aztec fabric wherever you want!
  • Some quilt kits include absolutely everything, including backing fabric, binding fabric, quilt batting, and other things you didn’t even think a quilt needed.

How to use a quilt kit to make a quilt?

This varies depending on the quilt kit that you decide to pick up. Since all of them come with detailed step-by-step instructions, figuring it out will never be a problem. However, there is a standard procedure for making a quilt with or without the help of a quilt kit. The kit is just meant to make the process easier, quicker, and beginner-friendly. Here is the standard method:

  • 1.Figure out the pattern you want to create and draw it somewhere to keep referring to it. You can use any fabric, including nautical fabrics, Aztec fabric, bird, thistle fabric, or whatever your favorite is. This is often predefined in quilt kits, but you can always mix and match.
  • 2.Gather all the materials and tools you need. Most of these will be included in the quilt kit, but basic things like scissors probably won't. Most kits have a little instruction booklet that will list pretty much everything you need.
  • 3.Cut up all the patchwork needed to make the design you chose and then begin sewing it all together to produce the design.
  • 4.Baste the quilt. This means you will have to start attaching multiple layers underneath your initial design to turn it into a quilt that will keep you warm. Most of the time, people use a quilt backing fabric and quilt batting. The number of layers pretty much depends on you. Make sure you combine them on a flat surface with either pins, which you will later remove, or a temporary spray adhesive.
  • 5.Using any quilting stitches you like, combine all of the layers so that they remain in place.
  • 6.Lastly, bind the quilt. Conceal the edges with some fabric so that you can complete your quilt. There are multiple binding methods, so you can select whatever sounds comfortable.

The benefits of using a quilt kit over other forms of quilt making:

Quilt kits were introduced to make things easier for everyone. Instead of spending so much money on classes to learn the technique, these kits have the ability to teach you everything you need to know while providing you with the practice you need too! Here are some of the many benefits that come with purchasing a quilt kit over making them from scratch:

  • A detailed instruction manual tells you exactly what you need to do at every step, so the chances of messing up are low.
  • You won’t have to spend ages watching multiple videos online trying to figure it out.
  • You won’t get lost in the cutting or mess it up since the template is provided and cutting is simple with no complex methods.
  • You can always mix and match fabric once you've figured out the measurements and figured out the right way to cut fabric. With time, you can go on to more complex quilt kits, and at one point, you won't need templates at all. It helps you learn in the best way possible.


No matter what the reason for your quilt-making passions, it always feels great to cuddle around the fireplace with a warm drink and watch movies while you're wrapped around in the quilt you made on your own. With quilt kits, you can turn this image into reality and be cradled in a self-made quilt this holiday season or even gift it to a loved one. After all, what's better than a handmade gift that's stuffed with love? With quilt kits, you can create multiple quilts in no time, and you'll soon be making quilts like a pro.

Dec 8th 2021 From A Friend!

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