Sewing Projects Using Fabric With Words Printed On It

Hello Fabric Lovers!

As you already know, this blog is all about creating interesting sewing projects made from fabric with words printed on it. Stay tuned for sending a sewing message to a loved one!

Words, alphabets, or phrases are an excellent way to convey. Be it an alphabet or word necklace, a gift wrap with words printed on it, or a wall hanging with a motivational quote, words are everywhere!

Whether you sew for a profession, or just for fun, it’s only natural to run out of interesting ideas. Also, there are times when you just want to sew for self-care. On such occasions, you should not be burdened with complex sewing projects that take a lot of time and effort.

Good News. Broadway Fabrics has carefully handpicked some interesting and easy sewing projects you can create with words fabrics. Hop In!

Clever Sewing Ideas Using Fabric With Words Printed On It

The motive behind this blog is to suggest some of the easiest projects that you can sew using fabric with words on it. If you have upcycled words fabrics, this could be your jackpot to utilize those scraps. However, if you wish to buy the best and premium-quality fabrics with words printed on it, we, at Broadway Fabrics have got plenty of those!

But before everything, have a look at these gorgeous sewing ideas with word and alphabet fabrics.

Mini Zipper Pouch

Got an alphabet fabric remnant? How about creating an easy mini zipper pouch for your kids? Trust us, your school-going kids will love having those. Besides, it’s better than buying overpriced zipper pouches.

Pro Tip: To make the pouch sturdy, you can line them with fabrics like canvas or denim.

Key Chains

You can sew cutely, themed key chains using words fabric. Here’s how!

Suppose you have a fabric that says happy birthday, or merry Christmas. Using those you can create themed fabric key chains for parties and gatherings. Oh, key chains can be a great addition to return gifts.

Tissue Holder

How about adding a wordy twist to your tissue boxes? Create a brand new fabric tissue holder. Slip it into your purse or add it to your children’s backpack for neat, crease-free, fresh tissue.


Got toddlers at home and thinking of getting new bibs for them? Words fabrics would make perfect baby bibs! With printed words and alphabets, you can passively make your kids remember the A to Z.

Tote Bags

Look for alphabet-print bags on the internet and you will find hundreds of expensive options. Why spend more when you can create gorgeous tote bags on your own? Ready, thready, sew!

Headbands & Scrunchies

Again, an easy sewing option for your little girls – alphabet/word print headbands and scrunchies! They take no time to sew and will look gorgeous on your little angels. What are you waiting for?!

Lampshade Cover

We all love our subtle, neutral lampshades, don’t we? Now you need not hassle yourself finding the perfect size for your lampshade covers. Sew cute, wordy, customized covers with alphabet fabrics.

Tea Towels

These are a staple when it comes to kitchen decor. Got fabric scraps? Line them to create cozy, little tea towels.

Fabric Covered Picture Frame

How about making handmade gifts for a loved one? Create adorable fabric-covered picture frames using fabric with words printed on it. Perfect for gifting school and study memories!

Birthday Banners

Is it the birthday of your nerd friend? What better than a word or alphabet fabric fort cutting out birthday banners? A cool idea isn’t it?!

Christmas Stockings

If you happen to find fabrics with words like “Merry Christmas” or Christmas-related quotes, nothing better than sewing cute Christmas stockings with them.

Sleep Masks

Last but not least, here’s another easy to sew project idea with words fabrics – sleep masks. Just grab some fabric, a little bit of elastic, and your sewing tools. They get made in no time.

Altogether, Now

We hope this blog helped you in finding easy and interesting projects to make using fabric with words or text.

Alternatively, sewing words on fabric is also a great idea to incorporate texts and phrases on a plain fabric. How to do that, we’ll talk about it in a different blog.

Until then, keep sewing, keep inspiring!

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Happy Sewing!

Apr 2nd 2022 Broadwayfabrics

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