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Sew Wonderful Projects With Our Collection Of Moda Fabrics

If you are looking for a charm pack to revamp your fabric stash, you are at the right place! Let’s talk about Moda Fabrics where there’s a fabric for every season and occasion! That’s delightfully versatile for a fabric manufacturer, isn’t it?


We love that you love Moda Fabrics and therefore, we’ve made sure to stock up on as many pieces from their collection as we can. Our Moda Fabric collection features not 10, not 50 but 100


 + beautiful fabrics so that you have no dearth of options. Pastels, nudes, brights, cute prints, panels, vintage-themed fabrics, quilting cotton fabrics – we have got them all!


Be it summer sewing, holiday sewing, or creating statement pieces you’ll find the perfect fabric for all your sewing projects. Check out our collection now!


Broadway Fabrics Best Ones Ft. Moda Fabrics


Have a time crunch? No problem. Let’s skip to the good part!


All the products featured in our Moda Fabrics section are one better than the other, but if you do not wish to scroll through pages, we have listed below the bestselling and trending Moda fabrics in various categories. Simply click on the names and you’ll be directed to the product. Hop in!

Moda Fabrics For The Memorial Day

Are you starting with the sewing preps for Memorial Day? Here’s the “All American Moda Fabric collection for you.


American Flag black dog fabric - All American Moda Fabrics quilting cotton QTR YD


The 4th of July calls for special garments and props. This cute American Flag Black Dog fabric is great for your kids as well as pets.


American Flag daisy white cotton fabric - Moda Fabrics Red White Blue quilting cotton QTR YD


Looking for American Flag prints? Get your hands on this Daisy White American Flag fabric. Tiny flags and a patriotic color pallet aren’t these perfect for the 4th of July sewing.


Patriotic Stars fabric daisy white 4th of July sewing fabric - Moda Fabrics cotton QTR YD


Don’t we all love those sparkling stars on the American Flag? You can bring them to your sewing projects with this Patriotic Stars fabric.

Moda Fabrics For Halloween

Do you want cute and gothic Halloween prints? We have got plenty of them. Check these out from Moda Fabrics:


Black Halloween Bats quilting cotton - Moda Holiday Halloween cotton QTR YD


Halloween essentials are incomplete without “Bats” so, we got this cute Black Halloween Bats fabric for you. This fabric will make perfect props and Halloween decor.


Black Halloween Cats quilting cotton fabric - Moda Holiday Halloween QTR YD


Oh! There’s a black cat...printed on this fabric! Think of the countless projects you can make with this one. If you are looking for a Moda quilting fabric for Halloween projects, this could be great.


Black Spider Webs - Holiday Halloween fabric Moda Fabrics quilt cotton QTR YD


This Halloween, how about walking into spider webs? Well, at least you can create sewing projects with spider web prints!


Orange Pumpkin fabric - Moda Holiday Halloween fabric quilt cotton QTR YD


How can we not have orange pumpkin prints for Halloween sewing?! That would be a fabric crime. Get your hands on this cute Moda Fabric featuring tiny, orange pumpkins?

Moda Fabrics For Christmas

Moda Fabrics - Aesthetic Prints

Grunge Fabrics By Moda Fabrics

If you love basics and textured prints, you are going to love the Grunge Fabric collection by Moda Fabrics. The best part is that these fabrics can be used from both sides – from the right side for textured sewing projects, and from the wrong side as solids. Isn’t that cool?! Check out our bestsellers:


- Blush pink Grunge fabric, Moda Fabrics Basic Grey cotton fabric, QTR YD

- Brown Maple Sugar Grunge fabric, Moda Fabrics Basic Grey cotton, QTR YD

- Grey Grunge fabric, Moda Fabrics Basic Grey cotton, QTR YD

- Dark purple Zoe Grunge fabric, Moda Fabrics Basic Grey cotton fabric, QTR YD

- Pink Orange Salmon Rose Grunge fabric, Moda Fabrics Basic Grey cotton, QTR YD

Moda Fabrics Vintage Collection

“Outdoorsy” by Moda Fabrics is full of vintage-inspired prints from outdoor adventures, hiking, and camping. We are obsessed with these and you’ll love them too.


- Mountain scene vintage postcards fabric Night Sky cotton fabric Outdoorsy QTR YD

- Vintage Fishing Newspaper fabric Natural Outdoorsy Moda Fabrics QTR YD

- Outdoorsy Vintage Camping Fishing Hiking Stream cotton fabric - Moda Fabrics QTR YD

Fabric Panels By Moda Fabrics

We leave you with the two cutest and bestselling fabric panels from fabrics by Moda:


- Cute Faces Face Mask Panel - Safety First Panel 24" X 44" fabric panel

- Face Mask Panel Ruby Star Society mask fabric panel

Why Moda Fabrics

Well, we would say why not! Moda Fabrics is among the leading manufacturers of fabrics and supplies in the US. They feature some of the most gorgeous prints ever and ensure premium-quality fabric. So, get your hands on them to create gorgeous sewing and quilting projects!

How Broadway Fabrics Can Help You In Getting Moda Fabrics

We appreciate your passion for sewing and designing so, we make sure to stock up on fabrics from trending brands, manufacturers, and styles. As we already mentioned, we feature 100+ designs from Moda Fabrics on our website.


All you need to do is scroll, stalk, select, and shop. The rest will be taken care of by us. We offer affordable rates and quick shipping to enhance your online shopping experience.


Make Broadway Fabrics your fabric genie. Place your online order now.


Happy Sewing!