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Quilt Patterns

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Shop the exclusive quilt pattern & fabric collection for sewing projects

Explore the wide range of quilt patterns, fabrics, prints, measuring tools, and much more on our online store. Broadway Fabrics offers a range of quilt patterns of different colors schemes, different sizes that can be the perfect choice for your project.

Finding an apt quilt pattern that goes well with the project becomes a tedious task. It is easy to find an exclusive collection of quilt patterns like geometry, floral, animal prints, and stars, and much more from our online store at the best prices. You can check out our collection of quilt patterns & fabric designed by high-end designers at reasonable prices and buy them online at Broadway Fabrics.

How can we use quilt patterns?

Quilt patterns can be a creative outlet to work. Products like table cloth, bed covering, home furnishing, dresses, decorative wall hangings, artistic object, and cultural art make use of quilt patterns and quilting techniques. 

So explore what your creative mind can do with it.

We have a collection of quilt patterns starting from beginners to advanced levels.

 While starting to work would be the use of few quilting tools like : 

Quilting rulers: For the measurement instrument, degree of angle marking, and multiple edges.

Quilt Cutters: After the measurement, it requires cutting with a tool that gives accurate results. Quilting cutters give perfect results of cutting.

Template ruler: This tool can create blocks or shapes of finished sizes and designs as per your choice. 

The bright colors of quilt patterns & fabrics can relieve stress, make you creative, can be helpful in many DIY hacks, and be an element in the project. You can shop online from the best and colorful collection at Broadway Fabrics.  

A glimpse of quilt patterns we offer

Paper cuts quilt 

Paper cuts quilt pattern is a simple pattern and goes well with fabrics and large-scale prints. This quilt pattern is for beginners and helps them to start learning the art of quilting. The fragmentary instruction is inside the quilt pattern.

Nightingale quilt 

Nightingale quilt is the newest quilt pattern by Lo and Behold Stitchery. They are available in a variety of sizes like small throw, square throw, and queen size. You can place the order online, and the quilt patterns are packed and shipped within 24 hours of order placement.

Church Window quilt

Church Window quilt pattern is a traditional style pattern inspired by the old church window. This pattern is available in three different sizes. Baby 38” X 39”, Throw 53” X 62.5”, t Bed 83” X 86”. You can place the order online and get your quilt pattern.

Knitted Star quilt 

Knitted Star quilt pattern is a traditional pattern inspired by fair isle and designed by Lo and Behold Stitchery. Sizes included for this pattern are first wall hanging 27” square, Throw 62” square, Bed 93” square. Small project tip, you can create a two-toned quilt with these quilt patterns and use it with non-directional fabrics.  

Retro Ornaments quilt 

Retro Ornament is a classic holiday quilt pattern inspired by heirloom Christmas ornaments and designed by Lo and Behold Stitchery. This quilt pattern includes templates, color pages, and alternate colorway ideas. The quilt pattern is available in two sizes throw and bed sizes.

Homecoming quilt 

The homecoming quilt pattern is by Lo and Behold Stitchery. It is a beautiful, symmetrical pattern. It can go well for your home furnishings project and give a decent look. This pattern is available in three sizes, baby 32” X42”, throw 53” X71”, bed 74” X99”, you can place an order online and pick the pattern you want.

Meadowland Quilt 

Meadowland Quilt patterns by Then Came June. This quilt pattern is a beginner-friendly, colorful block-based pattern. It is a versatile print and used by ½ yards cut or Fat Quarters. They are available in three sizes small throw, Large Throw, and bed quilt sizes. These quilt patterns are available online. 

There are many more patterns you can select for your project.

Our Top Manufactures

Broadway fabric is an online store where manufactures can showcase their design and prints and reach out to customers. Quilt patterns, fabric prints, season and color schemes, festive fabrics, Fabrics kits or measuring tools, and much more you can find at Broadway Fabrics bestowed by the top manufacturers. 

Many top fabric manufacturers collaborated with Broadway Fabrics.

Our manufacturers who have archived quilt patterns designs & fabrics are Annie Brady, Lo and Behold Stitchery, Then Came June, Cluck Cluck Sew, Art Gallery fabrics, Kit Peppermint Fabrics, and more. These quilt patterns can be helpful for beginners and experienced to make efficient use of them in their projects.

Broadway Fabrics is the ideal online store offers the best quilt patterns and range of fabric collection. Explore a wide range of quilting patterns, fabrics, and prints at Broadway Fabrics for your project to create something out of the box!

Shop the exclusive quilt pattern & fabric collection for sewing projects

If you are looking for awe-striking quilt patterns, we have a collection of practical projects at Broadway Fabric online store. Think of the pineapple splash quilt pattern, meadowland quilt pattern, and many more!

Besides having detailed instructions, these quilt patterns have an illustration to guide you through the construction process. The aim is to make fabric assembly straightforward.

Are you looking for your first quilt pattern or just a quick project? Broadway Fabric Quilt patterns work well for quilters of all expertise levels.

Buy quilt patterns from Broadway Fabrics today, and start creating lovely gifts, cozy blankets, etc.