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Broadway Rainbow fabrics - look what you can create

With our Rainbow fabrics, you can make all the custom designs you desire. These are pure cotton crafting and quilting fabrics from top-notch manufacturers such as Paintbrush Studio and Dear Stella. Remember, after sunshine comes the rain – nothing reminds you of these better than our fantastic range of rainbow knit fabric, white rainbow fabric, and rainbow dinosaur fabric.

We stock both vibrant and dull colors, covering the entire spectrum of sewing projects. But what remains constant is that the rainbow emotions alongside clouds stand out on all fabrics in our store. Why? Printing on the sewing fabrics is done digitally and carefully.  That results in bold patterns. Besides, you can select fabrics with vintage inspirations, such as the Watercolor Rainbows cotton fabric by Dear Stella.

Cute and Colorful Rainbow Fabric Collection

Rainbows are a sign of hope, good luck, and new beginnings in many cultures. Whenever someone sees a rainbow, they get very happy, and the colors of the rainbow are a sight to watch. Therefore, many people get really excited when they find a rainbow pattern on a product or home decor, and if you are also someone who loves and admires something related to the rainbow, then we have the right things for you. Our Rainbow Collection has a myriad of different patterns and designs and the best way you can use it in your daily life.

Different Ways to Use the Rainbow Fabrics in your Daily Life:

We all have the common and basic things through which we are decorating our home, but why not add some color and sparkle into the life with our new rainbow fabric. Use different designs and patterns to make different home décor things and add a lot of brightness to your home.

  1. Rugs made with Rainbow Fabrics:

Think when you come home, and the first thing you see is the beautiful and multicolor rug at the entrance of your house. How cute and fun way to add color back into your home, so you can use the rainbow fabrics to create a small rug and put it in the front of your door to welcome your guests.

  1. Art pieces with Rainbow Fabrics:

Since our fabrics are multipurpose, you can even make art pieces or hanging art. Just cut a few pieces of the fabric in different shapes and attach them to the wooden frames. It is the perfect way to amp up your children's room who loves rainbows and stars and other similar things, and it will also add color and cuteness to the room. You can also use it to decorate other parts of your house, such as the dining room or kitchen. It is an ideal and minimalist way to enrich your home with colors.

  1. Pillows, Blankets, and Bedsheets with Rainbow Fabrics:

Are you looking for cute and lively prints to use as your bed sheets, pillow covers, and blankets, then our Rainbow Fabrics can be the best option for you? Our fabric is made with 100% cotton; therefore, the quality of the fabric is very fine. You will be able to make and reuse these products again and again without the fabric getting damaged, and it will remain as new as it was when you bought them. Therefore, our rainbow print cotton fabric is really good to make pillows, bedsheets, and other such things.

  1. Dresses and Clothes:

Want to make adorable-looking dresses for your kids and thinking of getting some cute patterns and designs? Then you can check out our rainbow fabric. With the best quality fabric with amazing measurement and size, you will be able to make a dress or style of clothes with our new rainbow fabric.

  1. Curtains for Girls Room:

Girls like patterns and designs that are small, cute, and colorful, plus they also like to put different girlish things in their room, so if you also want to decorate your girl's room and thinking of different options, then go for our pastel rainbow fabrics and make them the curtains for your girl's room. It is the perfect pattern and color to make it as curtains, and the standard of this fabric is perfect for curtains.

There are many other things that you can make from our rainbow collection, such as doormats, shower curtains, and some other things through which you can add vibrant colors and patterns, and cuteness to your home.

Different Types of Rainbow Fabrics:

When you have to make the things mentioned above, you need the best form of fabrics, so the following are some of the best fabrics available in the store for you.

Neutral Small Rainbow Fabric by Paintbrush Studio:

Our Neutral Small Rainbow Fabric by Paintbrush Studio is a perfect blend of vibrant yet subtle tone rainbows. It has small muted tone rainbows that add the ideal color and vibrancy into the room, perfect for curtains, pillows, blankets, and other things. It is made with the finest material and hence the best one among the rainbow collection.

Black Rainbow Cotton Fabric By Art Gallery Fabrics:

Another great and different option for rainbows is the Black Rainbow Cotton Fabric By Art Gallery Fabrics. This fabric has a black ground with multicolored rainbows in the front. It is a perfect combination of colorful yet not too bold. This adds color yet does not make it too childish or irritating. You can use this to make dresses for your kids or even perfect for duvets and bed sheets.

Retro Rainbow by Megan Collins:

Looking for something different and quilt-friendly rainbow fabric, you can definitely check out our Retro Rainbow by Megan Collins. It has some curves that are large and amazing for quilts and duvets. This fabric is an amazing size that is approximately 42 inches by 25 inches. That is long enough for blankets.

Bright Stripe Rainbow Fabric by Paintbrush Studio:

Bright and colorful best for bedsheets and pillows is the Bright Stripe Rainbow Fabric by Paintbrush Studio. This fabric with different bright stripes can be amazing for bedsheets, pillows, and even dresses. Because of the amazingly vibrant colors, this is the perfect way to add a lot of brightness to your children's room.

Why you Should Buy our Rainbow Collection:

A subtle way to add many colors and adorable patterns to your home, our rainbow collection can be the best option for you. The quality and the standard of the fabric we provide are the finest and the prime quality. You won't be able to find fabric, colors, and prints of this type anywhere else. Furthermore, we are also providing you with the best prices and quotes for the fabrics you are going to buy. We also have a variety of different patterns and prints so that everyone can pick their favorite according to their liking.

Shop online our gorgeous fabrics for your craft projects, quilting, household items designing, clothing making, etc. These fabrics are straightforward to sew with and will not fade.

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