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Great Sewing Ideas Begin With Charleston Fabric Collection

Thinking of starting a brand new sewing project that’s seamless and aesthetic? The Charleston fabric collection fits the bill for you. Be it personalized garments or home decor; refresh your fabric stash with the Charleston fabric collection at Broadway Fabrics.

But what’s with the name? Isn’t Charleston a city in South Carolina? Why a fabric is called Charleston? Keep calm, Broadway Fabrics will never leave any of the questions unanswered. Let’s take you through the cross-country fabric adventure with our charming Charleston collection.

Aesthetic Alert! Get ready for the antique, French prints that will make you want to update your fabric stash.

The Cross Country Vibes Of Charleston Fabrics - By Art Gallery Fabrics

We, at Broadway Fabrics, wish to offer you a little more than fabrics and sewing supplies. And that is perception – about the fabrics, their significance, manufacturer, etc. Here’s all about the Charleston fabric collection.

It's only obvious that the eye-pleasing Charleston fabric collection is manufactured by Art Gallery Fabrics. Showcasing modern prints, with a whimsical hint, the art gallery fabric collections have a unique aesthetic appeal. And the Charleston collection is no exception.

Showcasing the charm of Magnolia flowers, pastel shades, and cute, tiny elements, Charleston fabrics are a real piece of art.

Wondering who’s the artist of this art? Amy Sinibaldi is the creative mind behind the Charleston fabric collection. Among other Amy Sinibaldi fabrics, Charleston is the most recent collection. Through this print, she attempts to pay tribute to Southern hospitality. 

In the Charleston fabric, Amy Sinibaldi has generously used pastel shades and flowers. Charleston is famous for its Bundy Beach, hence beach essentials such as cute little umbrellas and pineapples have also been used to adorn this fabric.

The Amy Sinibaldi Charleston fabric will make perfect garments and other sewing projects for our dear dressmakers and fabric lovers. Get as many you want for your fabric stash, only at Broadway Fabrics!

Wondering where to buy other collections from the art gallery fabrics? Think no more! Broadway Fabrics has got you covered. Choose from an extensive range of options Apply specific filters. Shop online now. P.S. – We offer flat shipping at $4 all over the US!

The Best Of The Charleston Collection At Broadway Fabrics

For the best sewing projects here are a few recommendations from the Charleston fabric collection. Dive In!

Magnolia flowers floral fabric, Magnolia Nightfall Charleston AGF, QTR YD

Looking for ditsy floral fabric, we have a match! Showcasing blooming, white Magnolia flowers on a dark background, this fabric from the Charleston collection is perfect for both garment and decor making. Grab yours now!

Blue Umbrella fabric, Rainbrella Mist, Charleston AGF cotton fabric, QTR YD

Charleston is known for its beaches. How about some cute beach umbrellas on your fabric? Multiple, tiny “rainbrellas” on a dusty blue background, this fabric is versatile. Shirts, shrugs, or skirts, everything will look gorgeous with this Charleston fabric.

Pineapple summer fabric Ananas Powder AGF Charleston QTR YD

Sew fresh and tasty with Charleston’s pineapple summer fabric! Featuring symmetrical pineapples on a white background, this fabric truly showcases the beachy charm of Charleston.

Magnolia flowers floral fabric, Magnolia Sunset Charleston AGF, QTR YD

Another Magnolia flower variant is here! If you want a more pastel approach in your ditsy fabric, consider getting this one. This fabric is literally pink flowering magnolia tree vibes! Featuring subtle violet flowers on a pastel pink background, this beauty is a must-have in your fabric stash.

Sew New Projects With The Charleston Fabric Collection

A budding dressmaker, an established seamstress, or an off-duty mother, one’s reason to sew can be many. Whatever is your reason to sew, Broadway Fabrics wants to make sure to provide you with the best sewing supplies. Now that we have already briefed you all about the Charleston fabric collection, it’s time for some sewing recommendations.

Garments are the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear of sewing. The irony is that home decor is one of the biggest consumers of the fabric markets. So, here’s to some cozy home decor. Our supplies and your magic are sure to create outstanding sewing projects.

DIY Home Decor Projects Using Charleston Fabric

Consider making these with our Charleston fabrics. Ready, Thready, Sew!


Aren’t these the most essential home decor items? Just think about it. A house without curtains would practically look empty. Besides, buying curtains may not always be cost-effective. Make small window curtains using our Charleston fabric.

We recommend the Magnolia flowers floral fabric, Magnolia Sunset Charleston for the same.

Floor Mat:                       

Who wants those dull, non-aesthetic floor mats. Replace them with hand-made new ones. Easy to make, and highly useful, create modern print floor mats with the Charleston collection.

We recommend all-out top picks for this.

Throw Blankets:

Got extra flannel fabric? Layer it with the mesmerizing Charleston collection to make the cutest throw blankets. Be it your rocking chair or your comfy sofa, a throw blanket is the perfect home decor.

We recommend the Magnolia flowers floral fabric for this.

Place Mats:

Make brand new placemats for special occasions with the cross-country adventure Charleston collection.  

The Pineapple summer fabric Ananas Powder will be great for cute, aesthetic placemats.

Fabrics Bins:

Utility bins are the best. You can store so much in them while making your closets look absolutely clean and pretty. Let’s make some creative storage!

We recommend our Blue Umbrella fabric, Rainbrella Mist for this.

Time to do some spring sewing. Our Charleston collection starts from $3.13. Get your favorite print, update your fabric stash now!