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Revive Your Fabric Stash With Our So Fresh Fruit Fabrics!

Looking for Fruit Print Fabrics? You have landed on the right page. Spring, summer, and picnics! These altogether have a different vibe. Draw the energy of cool, playful summers into your sewing projects with our plush and refreshing collection of Fruit Fabrics!

Aren’t all of us obsessed with the mesmerizing Instagram posts featuring bright and aesthetic fruit prints on sewing projects? Well, if you are inspired, this is the perfect time to create your own collection. Cute DIYs, summer-inspired decor, and vibrant garments! Fashion your fabrics with our delightful fruit fabric collection. Let’s take you through a virtual, fruity fabric tour. Hop in!

Top Picks From Broadway Fabrics Fruit Fabric Collection

Our fruit fabric collection features 55+ gorgeous, handpicked fabrics in eye-catching designs and shades.

We, at Broadway Fabrics, appreciate your passion for designing, and sewing. Being a seamstress can take away a lot of your time. There may be occasions when going through the entire collection may not be possible for some. But that certainly should not come in your way of creating the prettiest sewing projects. Our detailed categories and easy filters are made to assist you in finding the best fabric as per your needs.

But, just so you don’t miss out on some of the bestsellers, let’s make you skip to the good part!

Below you will find our best ones from the gorgeous fruit fabric collection. These are based on two main parameters – ratings and trending aesthetics. Hop in because the top seamstresses deserve the top fabrics!

Orange peach fabric, Her & History Leos Orchard by Art Gallery Fabrics, QTR YD

Love watching those peachy orange fruit orchards? How about having those printed on your fabric? Featuring aesthetic oranges on a light background, this fruit fabric would make perfect kitchen decor. Oh! Were you looking for a watercolor fruit fabric? This cutie features watercolor-inspired fruit prints. A bestseller at Broadway, this fabric is a must-have in your fruit textile collection. Place your online order now.

Citrus Floral Teal by Rifle Paper Co., QTR YD

The name says it all. Featuring citrus oranges and lemons along with blooming flowers, this is another bestseller from our fruit fabric collection. If you are planning on spring sewing, you can never go wrong with this stunning, lively premium quality fabric.

Different shades on the same print are also available for this item at Broadway Fabrics.

Pink-red strawberries fruit fabric, Paintbrush Studio Fruity fabric, QTR YD

Celebrate the strawberry season with cute DIYs and sewing projects! At Broadway Fabrics, you will find a bunch of strawberry print fabrics. This cutie is one of them! Featuring aesthetic red strawberries on a pastel pink background, this fabric would make perfect kitchen towels and oven mittens.

Watermelon fabric, Art Gallery Waterish Melon quilt cotton, QTR YD

Watercolor-inspired prints, watermelon slices, and bright colors. Could a fabric get cooler?! This beauty from Art Gallery Fabrics screams aesthetics! Revamp your fabric stash with this melon quilt cotton fabric.

Navy lemons fruit fabric, Paintbrush Studio Fruity cotton fabric, QTR YD

A dark background and bright popping-out prints! This fruit fabric is all about that. Featuring fresh, bright lemon prints on a relatively somber background, this will make great garments and decor. Get this fruit print cotton fabric for kitchen sewing or themed projects.

Aqua pineapple summer fabric, Art Gallery Fabrics Sirena cotton fabric, QTR YD

Want beachy, summery vibes in your sewing projects? This aqua pineapple fabric will be perfect for you. Grab this bestselling fabric now!

Strawberry Fields, Blush by Rifle Paper Co., QTR YD

There’s nothing called too many strawberries. Add the blush and aesthetics of this strawberry fields cotton fabric to your sewing projects.

White mixed fruit fabric, Paintbrush Studio Fruity cotton fabric, QTR YD Yd

Can’t pick one fruit for your fruit-themed sewing projects? Keep calm. Broadway Fabrics has got you covered with this mixed fruit fabric. You know you want to get it!

If you want a dark shade alternative to the same print, just look for Navy mixed fruit fabric, Paintbrush Studio Fruity fabric quilt cotton, QTR YD.

Oranges fruit fabric, Paintbrush Studio Fruity fabric quilt cotton, QTR YD

Here’s another citrus fruit fabric to add a fun, sour twist to your sewing projects. Featuring bright oranges on a white background, this could be a cool fabric for your summer-inspired sewing.

Pink summer fruit fabric - Fruit fabrics - QTR YD

Summer, fruits, and ice cream! Aren’t you already intrigued? Here’s a beautiful pastel pink fabric featuring all these goodies. Grab them before they go out of stock.

Citrus Lemon fruit fabric - AGF Citrus Limon Floralish cotton QTR YD

When life gives you lemons, print them on fabric and create refreshing sewing projects. Make the summer magic happen with this citrus lemon fruit fabric.

Kiwi mint fruit fabric, Paintbrush Studio Fruity Kiwi cotton fabric, QTR YD

A pastel mint shade, and gorgeous kiwi prints. Irresistible! Grab this beauty created by Paintbrush Studio into your fabric stash.

Peach Lemonade citrus lemon fabric cotton AGF Sunburst QTR YD

The USP of Art Gallery Fabrics is that they never fail to create stunning, and aesthetic fabrics. Here’s one such gorgeous fruit fabric that you can consider getting. Featuring orange and peach shade lemons on a beige background, this could be a good fit t your fruit fabric stash.

P.S. – A fabric so gorgeous that no one can resist it. Be prepared for a lot of questions.

Pink strawberry fruit fabric - Paintbrush Studio quilt cotton, QTR YD

Are of among those who prefer closely placed repeated prints over scattered prints? We might have just found the perfect strawberry fabric for you. Featuring evenly placed tiny strawberries all over, this fabric is fir for making both garments and decor.

Green pear fabric, Art Gallery Gathered, Sweet Harvest Olive cotton, QTR YD

Your skills and this cute fabric make a great “pear”! Grab this sweet harvest olive cotton fabric now. From kitchen utilities to themed decor, this fabric will look great on all.

Pastel Bananas, Art Gallery Fabrics Selva Be Bananas jungle fabric, QTR YD

Ever seen pastel bananas? Well, now you will, in your fabric stash! The best part of modern prints is that take a non-conventional approach in terms of color scheme. Get this gorgeous fabric now!

White green pears fabric, Paintbrush Studio Fruity quilt cotton, QTR YD Yd

Another beautiful fruit-inspired print from Paintbrush Studio. Featuring pastel green pears on a bright white background, your kitchen decor made with this fabric will look gorgeous.

Blueberry fabric Cotton + Steel Under the Apple Tree Blueberry QTR YD

Who loves blueberries? We just got them printed on a piece of fabric! Featuring multiple blueberries in various shades of purple, your sewing projects are going to have a very berry twist with this fabric.

Oranges cotton fabric - Squeeze Oranges FIGO Fabrics cotton QTR YD

This fabric features bright, toony oranges on an absolute white background – that makes the prints pop out. Kitchen decor, oven mittens, coasters, placement mats – you can sew pretty much everything with this fruit cotton fabric.

Apple Red Orchard cotton quilting fabric Under the Apple Tree QTR YD

If you are open to a digital-inspired illustration of cute, red apples, consider getting this apple red orchard cotton quilting fabric. Add a modern twist to your fabric stash!

Tiny Green Apples PBS Fabrics Animal Alphabet quilt cotton fabrics QTR YD

Here’s another cluster print fruit fabric for you. Featuring tiny green apples on a fresh green background, this fabric is bomb!

Yellow Pear fabric Under the Apple Tree Cotton + Steel quilt cotton QTR YD

Love warm tones? Here’s a visually appealing, warm-toned fruit fabric for your stash. Modern prints, aesthetic vibes, and an amazing shade, you know you want to get it!

And that’s not all. If you happen to have the time, do consider exploring our other fabrics featured in the fruit fabric collection.

Altogether Now

When it’s Broadway Fabrics, you can be assured about the quality of the fabrics. All fabrics from our fruit fabric collection are created out of 100% premium cotton. Just scroll, pick, and order. The rest will be taken care of by us. You can expect to open a package full of goodness once your order arrives.

Concerned about shipping? Think no more. Broadway Fabrics does an all US shipping for a flat $4. Now, isn’t that a freaky deal? Shop from our fruit fabric collection as well as a wide range of other collections and sewing supplies. Place your online order now.

Have a fruitful sewing time!