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Robert Kaufman Fabrics

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Create Your Piece Of Art With Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Sewing is fun! And to make it even more fun, Broadway Fabrics brings you the exclusive collection of Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Make anything you want with the wide range of fabric options available under this collection. 

Here’s all about the Robert Kaufman Fabrics, its availability, collection, and Broadway’s best picks. Hop in!

All About Robert Kaufman Fabrics

What makes a piece of art even special is the trivia behind it. We, at Broadway Fabrics, aim at being more than just another fabric store that only talks business. We wish to take a step ahead by providing you with fun insights about our fabrics. Here’s one about Robert Kaufman Fabrics. 

If you are a regular at Broadway Fabrics, you know that we do a little “the art” and “the artist” thing about fabric collections. This Collection, featuring Robert Kaufman Fabrics has a history that dates back to 1942. Robert Kaufman is a well-known name in the US fabric industry. The firm has been known to provide quality fabrics to the US market for over 60 years. 

It all started with a Russian named Robert Kaufman who immigrated to America and settled inNew York. From creating a menswear showroom initially in New York City, the company relocated toLosAngeles. From then to the company that exists today, Robert Kaufman Fabrics has made its way to countless retail, quilting, home decor, apparel, and uniform industries of the US.

Now you know how your sewing projects made from Robert Kaufman Fabrics will be a piece of art! Time to create some statement pieces because when our fabrics and your skills work together, a masterpiece is bound to happen!

Why Robert Kaufman Fabrics

The real question is “Why Not?” Robert Kaufman Fabrics are known for their quality, durability, and comfort. Still not sold on it? Listed below are the 5 reasons why you should go for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

  • They will make perfect dresses: Made from premium quality fabric, they are ideal for garment making.

  • Variety: You have 45 different options to pick from. Create anything without thinking twice because there will be no dearth of fabric.

  • Change The Look Of Your Home: With modern, eye-catching shades & prints You can update your home decor effortlessly.

  • Cost-Effective: Starting at just $2.60, the Robert Kaufman Fabrics will not make fabric stocking expensive for you.

  • The Trust Factor: The fabric has its origins from the early 40s. The fact that the company still provides fabric supplies to leading manufacturers tells a lot about its authenticity and quality.

Broadway Fabrics ships all US orders at a flat $4.00. To buy Robert Kaufman fabrics and other well-known collections shop online from Broadway Fabrics now!

Broadway Fabrics Top Picks From Robert Kaufman Fabrics

We appreciate your skill and art. The best seamstress requires the best fabrics. May we recommend a few! Based on popularity, purchase, and aesthetics, we have listed below are the top picks from the collection: 

Linen Fabrics From Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Looking for trendy and comfortable linen? Your quest is over because Robert Kaufman fabrics have plane linen in various shades. Here are some best ones.

  • Black Essex yard dyed linen fabric Robert Kaufman QTR YD

  • Purple eggplant linen fabric yarn dyed Essex Robert Kaufman QTR YD

  • Grey Essex Linen fabric, Robert Kaufman Essex Linens solid fabric, QTR YD

  • Aqua Essex Linen fabric, Robert Kaufman Essex Linens solid fabric, QTR YD

  • Sand Essex Linen fabric, Robert Kaufman Essex Linens solid fabric, QTR YD

  • White Essex Linen fabric, Robert Kaufman Essex Linens solid fabric, QTR YD

  • Mango Essex Linen fabric, Robert Kaufman Essex Linens solid fabric, QTR YD

Cute Printed Fabrics From Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Prints can make all the difference when it comes to selecting a fabric. Finding a great, contemporary print with good-quality fabric may be overwhelming. Think no more, as these prints from the Robert Kaufman fabric collection are made from 100% premium cotton. Now that’s how you make sewing projects that last. These are a few picks:

  • Creamsicle London Calling 9 cotton fabric - Robert Kaufman, QTR YD

  • Modern animals fabric - Robert Kaufman A to Z animals cotton, QTR YD

  • Teal modern waves linen fabric Quarry Trail Anna Graham essex linen QTR YD

  • Champagne coral leaf linen fabric Quarry Trail Robert Kaufman linen QTR YD

  • Charcoal gray leaf print cotton linen fabric Robert Kaufman essex linen QTR YD

  • Modern alphabet kids fabric, Robert Kaufman A to Z Animals cotton, QTR YD

Flannel Fabrics From Robert Kaufman Fabrics 

Want to create something cozy for the cool season? We have got you covered! Choose from these bestselling flannel fabrics from the Robert Kaufman collection.

  • Black white buffalo plaid FLANNEL fabric- Robert Kaufman, QTR YD

  • Pastel plaid FLANNEL fabric- Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel, QTR YD

  • Red blue plaid FLANNEL fabric - Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel, QTR YD

  • Nutmeg plaid FLANNEL fabric - Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel, QTR YD

Fabric Panel From Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Want to make cheater quilts or other quilting blocks? Here’s a cute fabric panel for you. 

  • Modern animals fabric panel, Robert Kaufman A to Z Animals cotton panel

Featuring cute, modern animal prints, this is perfect for making a tonne of panel projects. Kids will love it too!

Altogether Now, 

We hope you liked this virtual fabric tour of the charming Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Get yours before they go out of stock. Place your online order now. Happy Sewing!