Luxe Cuddle Minky

Luxe Cuddle Minky

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Sew Lavish With Our So Soft “Luxe Cuddle Minky” Range

Sewing for the fall? How about sewing with the super soft faux fur? The best part about faux fur is that it makes you go WOW as and when you touch it. If you’ve been planning on creating the ultimate soft and trendy sewing projects using faux fur, Broadway Fabrics has got some cool stuff for you. Presenting our plush range of the “Luxe Cuddle Minky” collection by Shannon Fabrics! A fabric so soft, your hands will love the entire sewing session!

Be it an extra fluffy rug, a cozy coat, furry sneaker toppers, blankets, or trendy faux fur cushion covers, our luxe cuddle Minky fabric is suitable for all.

Showstoppers From Broadway Fabrics “Luxe Cuddle Minky” Collection

As we have promised, our luxe cuddle Minky collection is going to give your hands a sewing delight. Shannon Fabrics Minky textiles are here! Below you will find the 4 best Minky fabrics on the web. Hop in!            

Deer Minky, Luxe Cuddle Fawn Cappuccino baby blanket fabric, QTR YD

Who loves cappuccino? Aren’t these the smoothest and the most gorgeous toned latte ever? Good News. Shannon Fabrics brought the softness and the medium-beige tone of cappuccinos into this Minky luxe cuddle fabric. 

The name is simply going to make you go “aww”. This beauty is called cuddle fawn fabric! Just like a cute fawn, this Shannon cuddle fabric features cute white spots on a beige background. Isn’t that the cutest animal-embossed design? You can create baby blankets, dog beds, throw cushions, and jackets with these. The possibilities are unlimited and so is the fun of sewing this fabric.

P.S. – This one goes out of stock just like that. Grab this bunny soft fabric now! 

White luxe cuddle hide Minky, Shannon Fabrics baby blanket, QTR YD

Aren’t most of us obsessed with those luxury white faux cushions and rugs from Instagram? All the merchandise placed over them never fails to create visual appeal. However, purchasing white faux fur cushions or rugs may not always be cost-effective. Why not sew your custom-made rugs, blanket, and cushions with this White Luxe Cuddle Hide Minky Fabric?!

Bunny white texture and an ultra-soft fabric! Add a plush edit to your fabric stash with this luxe cuddle Minky fabric. Be it fleece lining for jackets, fur collars, cushions, or snowy fur skirts, your skills and this cutie from Shannon Fabrics are totally going to slay!

Denim blue Llama cuddle fabric Shannon Fabrics fur fabric QTR YD

Since childhood, we have heard tonnes about the lamb’s fur or coat, and how warm and fleecy it can be. How about we get the same vibes in a fabric? Don’t gasp, it’s totally cruelty-free! Made from 100% polyester, we present you with the denim blue llama cuddle fabric by Shannon Fabrics. 

Getting premium-quality Minky textile in colors other than white may not always be easy to find. If you have been looking for a denim blue shade in such fabrics, your quest is over! This llama cuddle fabric is perfect for blankets, pillows, baby clothes, and decor. 

Create cozy, warm sewing projects with this cute, cool-tone cuddle fabric!

Pink Rosewater llama fur fabric Shannon Fabrics llama fabric QTR YD

The words soft and pink go perfectly together. Let’s see, a soft pink teddy, a soft pink pillow, a soft pink baby blanket, or a soft pink rug – the options are unlimited. 

At Broadway Fabrics, we strive for providing you with affordable and premium quality fabrics so that your sewing or quilting passion doesn’t burn a big hole in your pockets.

This item from the “luxe cuddle Minky” collection is the perfect example of aesthetics and affordability. Revamp your luxury fabric stash with this trendy pink rosewater llama fur Shannon Minky fabric.

Broadway Fabric’s Exclusive Tips To Sew Faux Fur

Now that you’ve taken a virtual tour of our super-soft luxe cuddle Minky collection, here are a few sewing tips for budding seamstresses and quilters.

  • Sewing with faux fur can be a little messy if you are new to it. So, you would want to make sure that you keep other items or fabrics away from it to avoid little bits of fur sticking on them.
  • Keeping a lint roller around while handling fur is always helpful.
  • In case you are adding fur to a pattern, do not forget to flip the pattern. This simply means that ideally, the pattern piece must face down on the fur backing.
  • Secure your pieces made from faux fur with lengthened stitches.

The Takeaway

Faux fur goes by many names like Minky and cuddle. Fun Fact – the term “cuddle fabric” was given to this fabric by Shannon Fabrics – a well-known manufacturer of faux fur.

If the thought of adding soft cuddle fabrics to your sewing projects intrigues you, consider getting Broadway Fabrics collection of fur fabrics under the name of “luxe cuddle Minky”.

We, at Broadway Fabrics, are dedicated to enhancing your experience on online fabric shopping. Shop for cuddle fabrics and a wide range of other fabric collections from our website. We are happy to be your online fabric genie. Place your online order now and get an all over the US shipping for a flat $4. Now, isn’t that a freaky deal?

Happy Sewing!