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Fall Fabric

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We Help You Refresh Your Fall Fabric Collection - Broadway Fabrics

Bright sun, chilly air, and crisp ground – the summer is turning to autumn! It’s the perfect time to stock up on fall fabrics and create delightful, cozy sewing projects. But, unsure where to find premium-quality autumn fabrics on a budget? Keep Calm. Broadway Fabrics is happy to be your fabric genie.

Featuring 80+ styles, patterns, and fabrics to choose from, we have the perfect textiles to renew your fabric stash for the fall. Let's take you on a virtual tour of the best fall themed fabric. Hop in!

Our Top Fall Fabrics That Deserve A Place In Your Wardrobe

We, at Broadway Fabrics, strive to provide our customers with the best fabrics and sewing supplies. All fabrics featured on our platform are not only legit but also feature trendy designs and patterns. You have our word for it.

As already disclosed, our fall-inspired fabric collection consists of 80+ beautiful fabrics. If you want to skip to the good part, we have a little something for you.

Listed below are the bestselling fall fabrics from our collection. If you do not wish to go over all the pages, we have already skimmed the top fall fabrics for you. You can consider picking these for your fall-inspired outfits, decor, or other sewing projects. Have a look!

 Gray plaid flannel fabric - Buffalo Plaid Flannel Fabric

The onset of the fall means getting fabrics that are sung, yet breathable. What could be better than a plaid flannel fabric? Here’s a premium fall plaid fabric to upgrade your basics. Made of 100% cotton flannel, this is perfect to be your staple.

Black white buffalo plaid FLANNEL fabric- Robert Kaufman, QTR YD

Another flannel is here! It’s always better to strengthen up your basics first. Add this black white buffalo plain flannel fabric to your fall fabric stash now. Fads come and go, plaids are forever!

Paper Doll fabric - Papercut Wardrobe Snowday - AGF cotton, QTR YD

Want the cutest fall print fabric ? Cardigans, sweaters, and cozy scarves, who could resist that? Draw the delight of these elements to your sewing projects with this adorable, warm-tone paper doll fabric.

Brown Fall Pumpkin fabric Riley Blake Adel in Autumn quilt cotton QTR YD

Pumpkin and pumpkin patch are stapes for the fall and Halloween, isn’t it? Well, we have got a perfect pumpkin print fabric for the orange and brown season! Featuring little pumpkins on a warm brown background, this fabric will be perfect for Halloween decor.

Brown-black plaid KNIT fabric, Wooly Umber Lambkin knit fabric AGF, QTR YD

Looking for plaid knits for creating kitchen decor? You cannot go wrong with this brown-black plaid knit fabric from our fall fabric collection.

Ivory Sherpa fur fabric - Shannon Fabrics faux sherpa fur, QTR YD

It’s the fall already and you want to create cozy jackets or layered dresses? May we offer our exclusive ivory Sherpa fabric? Layering jackets, dresses, pants, or creating sung quilts, this fabric does it all. Grab it before it goes out of stock.

White luxe cuddle hide Minky, Shannon Fabrics baby blanket, QTR YD

Creating bed mats, sheets, or blankets for the fall? Make them fancy and comfy with this white luxe cuddle Shannon fabric. The comfiest and warm cuddle a fabric can ever provide!

Beneath our Feet cotton fabric, Earthen Art Gallery Fabrics, QTR YD Yd

Featuring vivid colors, and mesmerizing earthy tones, this cotton fabric has warm nude tones to help you create perfect fall-inspired apparel and decor.

Pastel plaid FLANNEL fabric- Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel, QTR YD

The current fashion trends are all about nudes and pastels. If you prefer the latter, we have got the perfect plaid flannel fabric for your sewing requirements. Got to make aesthetic quilts or warm mats? Do not think twice before getting this fabric.

Pastel owl fabric, Art Gallery Fabrics Bird of Night Mist cotton, QTR YD

“Owl good?” If not, then it will be with our pastel owl fabric from the mesmerizing fall fabric collection. Featuring multiple, pastel-colored owl motifs on a subtle background, this could be the fabric for fancy sewing.

Teal metallic feathers, Art Gallery Campsite Heather Feathers fabric, QTR YD

Wild and free, that’s what feathers signify. Draw this energy to your sewing projects with the teal metallic feathers fabric. This one is a bestseller at Broadway Fabrics. Grab yours now!

Modern woodland animals, Menagerie Onyx, Art Gallery, QTR YD

Bring forest friends to your fabric stash with this modern woodland animals fabric. Featuring cute foxes, raccoons, bears, deer, hedgehogs, beavers, bunnies, and owls, this is the cutest fall fabric that will ever adorn your stash. Use it for garments, decor, or other utility projects.

Serein Branchlet floral fabric, Earthen cotton fabric Art Gallery, QTR YD

Aesthetic Alert! Featuring blue and grey leaves on a navy background, and highlighting cute, pastel berries, this 100% cotton fabric will liven up your space.

P.S. – be prepared for questions because no one can resist the appeal of this fabric.

Woodland animals floral fabric, Art Gallery Moon Stories Spark cotton, QTR YD

Aren’t we all obsessed with those enchanting forest illustrations on Instagram? We got you a fabric featuring the same! As the day fades and the night set in, cute creates approach the grasslands. Two words for this fabric? Enchanting vibes!

Beetle bugs boy fabric, Little Entomologist Lambkin cotton fabric AGF, QTR YD

Well, some of us may find bugs creepy, but others love their sounds and beauty. What’s one thing in camping nights that remains a constant? Bugs and beetles! Make your sewing projects with this modern print, beetle bug fabric.

Deer Minky, Luxe Cuddle Fawn Cappuccino baby blanket fabric, QTR YD

Want nude shade blankets? Buying one could be expensive. Keep calm and create your luxe blanket with this cappuccino baby blanket fabric.

Woodland forest tree fabric, Ice Forestry cotton Earthen Art Gallery, QTR YD Yd

Here’s another cool-tone forest-inspired print to liven up your autumn fabric stash. Featuring white woods on a pastel blue background, this is the perfect fabric to sew decor.

Foxes in Fall, woodland fox fall fabric, Art Gallery cotton fabric, QTR YD

Ever had cute orange foxes visiting your doorstep during the fall? Autumn truly is the best time of the year. Featuring cute, warm, and cool foxes on a beige background, this fall fabric is great for making sheets, mats, and table cloths.

 Acorns & Pinecones Mint fabric, Art Gallery fall fabric Autumn Vibes, QTR YD

This fabric features the best-known fall elements – acorns, pinecones, orange and brown leaves. Get this cute fabric for your autumn collection now!

Camping Lanterns aqua, Paintbrush Studio fabric Vintage camping cotton, QTR YD

Didn’t we all love those vintage camping lanterns? We got them in our fabric! Get this fall-inspired lantern print fabric for your sewing projects.

Fireflies Mason Jar Glow fabric, Art Gallery Campsite Fireflies Glow, QTR YD

Catching fireflies in a mason jar, all of us have done that in childhood. The onset of fall is a true celebration. Get this cute fabric to make aesthetic apparel and decor.

Fall floral blooms fabric, Art Gallery Everlasting Blooms cotton fabric, QTR YD

Yet another bestseller at Broadway Fabrics, this fall floral blooms fabric will make all your sewing projects look gorgeous. Here’s to sewing beautiful daily!

Marshmallow Roast camp fabric, Art Gallery Campsite Campfire Sweets, QTR YD

Campfire, and roasted marshmallows, that’s what the fall is about. Featuring cute, roasted campfire sweets on an off-white background, this cutie will make one hell of a sewing project.

Gaia Eventide, earth tone cotton fabric Earthen Art Gallery Fabrics, QTR YD Yd

Wear the shades of tides and earth; flaunt your apparel made from the gorgeous Gaia Eventide fabric.

Rifle Paper Co. Rosa Peach Fabric, Cotton + Steel floral cotton, QTR YD

Want a neutral-tone floral print fabric? May we suggest this gorgeous Rosa Peach fabric?! Perfect for both garment making, and decor, upgrade your fall essentials with this fabric.

White Camping Gear, Campground camping fabric, Camping Crew cotton, QTR YD

Love camping during the fall? Create themed apparel and other sewing projects with this fabric. Shirts, quilts, fabric utility bins, or handbags, everything will look super cute with our Camping gear fabric.

Why Broadway’s Fall Fabric Collection?

The real question is “Why Not?” Cute, themed prints, aesthetic shades, warm textiles, and a tonne of options to choose from, our fall fabric collection will make a perfect upgrade to your fabric stash.

When it’s Broadway Fabrics, quality should be the least of your concerns. All fabrics from our fall collection and other collections are made from premium quality textiles.

We understand and appreciate your passion for sewing. Fabric stocking should not burn a hole in your pocket. The fall fabric collection at Broadway Fabrics starts at just $2.74, plus we do an all US shipping for a flat $4. Now, that’s a freaky deal!

Shop online from a range of fall fabrics and other fabrics at Broadway Fabrics. Place your order now! Happy Sewing!