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Get Creative with Broadway Fabric Quilts

A quilt kit is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to sew, or for anyone who would like to learn how to sew or quilt!

  • Spooky 'n Sweeter Halloween Quilt Kit Bundle for you to construct,

  • Peppermint Holiday Retro Ornament Quilt Kit Bundle by FIGO Fabrics for the days leading up to Christmas, and

  • Mod Melons Summer Quilt Kit Bundle by Suzy Quilts.

These are some quilt kits at our online Broadway Fabric store! Browse by bestselling, featured, manufacturer or the newest additions. Shop valentine's day quilt kits, Indian summer quilt kit, peppermint lane quilt kit, gender neutral baby quilt kits, and many more at competitive prices. 

 We make it easy for you make attractive stuffs. Our quilt kits feature the correct pattern, fabric and instructions, which  are instrumental in speeding up the quilting process - which is usually elaborate and long. You’ll only require sewing machine, fabric, thread, and batting.

Are you a beginner quilter? Our quilt kits give you the confidence to put fabric together. You’ll develop your color senses much faster because you have all fabrics set out for you. Check out our quiltsmart mondo bag instructions, and Indian summer quilt kit for inspiration.

The quilting process is easy - design, select a fabric, cut it, and piece them together!

Shop the latest Fabrics from Broadway Fabrics!

 Using The Best Quilt Kits On The Market

 Quilting has established itself as a prominent art in both hemispheres of the activity world. Competitive and casually, quilting is considered to have interested individuals all over the globe. It has reached the market to the extent that quilting is now a profession and passion that is being followed excessively and pays quits proactively.

 However, navigating through this terrain of targetted marketing and figuring out the quilting way as an amateur can be difficult. To better assess the juggernaut that this market is, Broadway Fabrics spurred into action and highlighted all that you need to know about the best quilting kits available on the market. This article highlights the intricacies for an aspiring quilter and the depths required by a professional. Within this frame of experts and newcomers, the quilting community deserves the best products in terms of quality, longevity, comfort, and ease of quilting.

 What Quilting Is

 Your purpose of visiting this page can be to get an introduction to quilting or someone looking for a different insight into quilting while surfing one of the most prominent quilting kits websites. Quilting is layering three pieces of fabric similar to that of a sandwich. The cloth or fabric represents the bread that goes at the top and bottom of the quilt, whereas the centrepiece, the meat, is representative of cotton or wool to be filled in for comfort.

 It is important that quilting should not be confused with knitting (the act to weave sweaters) and sewing (the act to combine fabrics). The unique aspect of quilting is the presence of three layers in the form it is supposed to be. The most common misconception associated with quilting is pertinent to the quilt size that is to be created. It is taken that all quilts need to be queen or single size; however, they can be any size or shape required of them or as it pleases the quilter.

 The Best Quilting Kits Available

 To figure out the best and easy to use quilting kits, the collection of Broadway Fabrics is perhaps the most complete for users from all extremes. By analyzing the fabrics, access and ratings from several web pages and reflecting on the product's usefulness, the following 5 quilting kits have been listed as the best available on the market. The cherry of Broadway Fabrics at the cream of the market.

 Melon Quilting Kit By Mod Melons

 This quilting kit reflects aptly to the emotional comfort that quilting provides in buckets and spades, with its cute design and easy to use features connected. This kit includes the melon, background and rind fabrics that can be reflected as the top bread, bottom bread and meat, respectively. To make a quilt up to 56" X 65" with the melon design at the front with the help of the kit is an easy way. Its interesting design and easy features make it the best children's quilt kit, and even toddlers can use this quilt kit.

 Halloween Quilting Kit By Spooky 'N Sweeter

 This Halloween special quilting kit can be used any time of the year but reflects pretty well during the season. Its spooky design is reminiscent of the season. Following as one of the best-designed kits by Spooky N' sweeter, this easy to use toolkit makes the experience of learning quilting interactive and engaging for young ones. For older individuals, this serves as the perfect 58" X 58" quilt to use as a reminder of the sugar-heavy season all year round. Completed with all three layers of fabric and a cover layout to better guide, this Halloween Quilting Kit is a must buy on Halloween and can be bought at other times for fun too.

 Retro Quilt Kit By FIGO Fabrics

 This themed quilting kit makes the experience of quilting all the more fun and soothing, along with presenting the quilt to go with your room. With about 14 different designs to select from and options to mix and match, this three-layered single quilt can be used with the front on both sides. This kit is perfect for making a 64" X 64" quilt for users of all ages to get the comfort of making your quilt with the design of your choosing.

 Evergreen Quilt Kit By Cluck Cluck Sew

 This holiday designed jacket is perfect for users to enjoy the Christmas quilting experience of pine trees, jingle bells and other ornaments on their quilt. With its simplistic design that portrays normal quilts during the year and as a Christmas special on the long weekend of December, this is perhaps the quilt with the most rating on longevity. However, with the size of 49" X 55", this is small relative to others bringing it down a few markers on the Broadway Fabrics best quilt kits available.

 Quilted Over Mitts By AGF Notions

 In a separate category of its own, this do it yourself quilting kit for making over mitts triumphs as a useful and unique quilting product. Along with providing the satisfaction that quilting brings emotionally, this product also keys in the factor of functionality and practicality. With the entire kit to make these oven mitts present within the package, the easy to build oven mitts are the most innovative. A must buy for new quiltmakers because of its small size and the fact that it allows experiencing all ups and downs of big quilt making, brings it as the most amazing product available on Broadway Fabrics to buy.


The products mentioned above are perfect for users of all ages, including children above 12. Broadway Fabrics stands out and presents the best products at great prices and amazing quality for longevity with a detailed analysis run on all the market products and retail providers across all states. The products and their creativity is testament to the statement, and we hope that this article will assist you in making the correct decision for your quilting experience.