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Shop best sewing thread for your sewing project

 Threads are lightly twisted strands made up of fiber or cotton to sew the fabric together. Sewing threads are  designed to pass through the sewing machine efficiently. “Sewability” denotes the uniformity of thread and passes through the stitching mechanism, and it minimizes thread breakage and to produce a quality product. 

Some of the parameters like type, working, finish, twist, elastic, cabled yarn, abrasion resistance, and size to consider while choosing the thread for your sewing project.  The strength of sewing thread gives a functional presentation of seam strength and efficiency.

Threads are  used by tailors, industrial garment or textile manufactures units and fashion boutiques.

Broadway fabric is an online store that comprises all sewing kit items along with a thread of different colors and sizes and fabric collection at reasonable prices.

Characteristics of sewing threads

Below are some characteristics which denotes good quality of threads

Tensile strength: It is the minimum pressure that is required to break the sewing thread. Make sure it has a bit higher tensile strength. 

Tenacity: The tensile strength and the thickness of the sewing thread are called tenacity. It is expressed in gm or kg or may vary. Majorly it is used to determine the difference in tensile strength of sewing threads of similar sizes.

Elasticity: If a sewing thread that returns to the original position whenever the deforming force is releasedMost of the sewing threads have less elasticity.

Colorfastness:  To check the color durability of sewing thread against sunlight, wash, and extreme conditions. The color of the thread must not be altered despite of any wash.

Shrinkage: The dimension of sewing thread altered after washing with water is known as shrinkage 

Good abrasion resistance: It ensures the thread is durable and is good at its sewing performance.

Thread thickness: The movement of the thread smoothly and quickly through the needle eye and the fabric. Otherwise, it may twist with knots or jam into the needle when used. Make sure you look for this property while making the selection of threads.

Stress-strain curve:  The tenacity that opposes the elongation of the sewing threads is known as stess train curve.

Loop strength:  The minimum strength that is required to break the loop. The loop strength is related to the stitching strength of the thread.

Where do we make use of threads?

Sewing thread is the yarn that combines two or more fabrics or garments, accessories, or textile products with the help of sewing tools and sewing machines.

  • Dressmaking
  • Quilting
  • Fashion Boutiques
  • Footwear manufacturing
  • Embroidery
  • Upholstery
  • Textile industry
  • Teabags
  • Garments manufacture
  • Home decor
  • Decoration and more

Threads are a versatile product and have several uses. You can find numerous options for thread selection at Broadway fabric online store of high quality and competitive prices.

Some Important features of threads for a sewing project

Threads play a significant role in a sewing project. So it is essential to select that functions well for the project. 

The thread we choose must solve the following purposes efficiently. 

  • Sewability involves the higher tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and lubrication of thread. These factors improve its functioning.
  • A thread should include properties like anti-fungal, water repellent, colorfastness, and anti-static finish. It should be perfect for usage in sewing machines. 
  • Lustre, color, and thickness are some parameters to focus on while selecting thread for the project.
  •  Cotton thread is its strength, medium sheen, and natural fiber help to create a tight seam while sewing. Cotton threads can have an enhanced stitching experience. 
  • The colorfastness of thread will retain the original color without fading when subjected to wash or exposed to sunlight.

These factors can be helpful in the selection process of a thread and making it work properly for your sewing project. 

Our manufactures   

Broadway Fabrics offers sewing products like sewing kits, threads, sewing tools, patterns, and fabric collection available online. This platform has all the products that you require for a sewing project. You can get the best quality threads of different color combinations.

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