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Into the Woods

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Create Aesthetic Projects With Trendy “Into The Woods” Fabric

Nature-inspired prints have turned out to be the highest demanded textiles of today. With the perfect combination of bright and nude shades, such fabrics never fail to catch attention. Broadway Fabrics religiously believes in keeping up with the trends so that we can provide you an extensive range of fabrics and prints. Presenting you our “Into the Woods” fabric -boasting artistic mushrooms and antique bugs. Come and take a walk in the - Into The Woods collection to see what awaits you there. Time to create some vintage, nature-inspired projects!

Forest Floor Mushroom Floral Cotton Fabric 

Run barefoot across the springy forest floor covered with a cluster of mushrooms! Well, that got a little too literal, but a 100% cotton fabric with wispy mushrooms is no cap. 

Showcasing a combination of russet, and lavender-pink, this Into the Woods fabric is truly organic.

Butterfly Bug Collection Quilting Cotton Fabric

Butterflies are self-propelled flowers, and cute little bugs make you appreciate the little things, that are so many. A merger of the two is the perfect quilting idea for your bug-inspired kid’s room or for a friend who’s obsessed with insects.

What is a mere fabric capable of? Well, the one featured on Broadway Fabrics has learning values too! The butterfly-bug fabric from - Into the Woods collection is a literal example of that. This fabric print not only shows off aesthetic bugs but also highlights their scientific names. Isn’t that cool for a quilting fabric?                          

Why “Into The Woods”

Sewing needs are different for different individuals. Be it a well-known seamstress, a budding dressmaker, or an off-duty mom, the fabric requirement typically depends on what you have planned on creating. Into the Woods collection focuses on offering a nature-inspired, warm tone fabric for your sewing and quilting needs.

Rather than a bright green depiction of the forest, this collection by Cloud 9 Fabrics highlights the small, subtle yet important elements of the woods. Varieties of mushrooms and intricately-made bugs are sure to provide that warm, nude tint to your sewing projects.

These prints appeal to you but you are unsure what to create out of them? Keep calm, Broadway Fabrics has got you covered! Listed below are the various sewing ideas using fabrics from the “Into the Woods” collection.

Frame Fabrics 

It’s the era of minimalist and raw fashion. What could be more aesthetic than a simple framed fabric? The best part, you would require little-to-no sewing for this one. Here’s how you can use the Into the Woods collection for framing fabric:

  • Determine the size of your frame
  • If you want full coverage, cut out a square or rectangle piece of fabric with 2 extra inches as per the size of the frame
  • If the frame is 30 inches long and 15 inches wide, cut out a fabric that is 32 inches long and 17 inches wide
  • The extra 2 inches are tucked and pinned around the outer sides of the frame base
  • Simply get this fabric framed in glass
  • Alternatively, you may also choose to glue strips of fabrics on a blank base and get them framed
  • Quick, easy, and a highly aesthetic frame is ready to adorn your room

Cushion Covers

Now, if you really want to sew something that does not take long, cushion covers are the best alternative. Aren’t you mesmerized by those cute, little Instagram cushions that add so much to a bland sofa or bed? A mushroom or a butterfly-bug cushion cover using Into the Woods collection shall do the needful.

You may use one single fabric for the entire cover, or use one fabric for the front side, and another for the backside. Cushion covers never got so decorative and eye-catching!

Bed Sheets With Pillow Covers

Oh, there’s a bug on your sheet, yes, literally! But, you need not panic because these bugs and mushrooms from Into the Woods collection are harmless. All they can do is provide a casual, modern touch to your bedroom. Even in terms of sewing, sheets do not take very long to get made. Just the right length of fabric, some hemming on the edges, and sets of pillow covers. Sheets with wispy mushrooms and intricate bugs printed on them can be an excellent gift too, especially for that friend who is obsessed with bugs.

Table Cloth

Haven’t got cool furniture? Well, who said you need to invest in a new one?! Let’s make your table invisible with some stylish table cloth. Yes, Into the Woods collection is truly versatile.


It’s hard to find apparel in prints that you desire. The best part of sewing is that you need not depend on the available things. Using the right fabrics and your craft, you can create outfits with customized prints.

How about a T-shirt with cute beetles and butterflies? Or a crop top & shots set with vintage mushrooms? Options are endless. You can never go wrong with a warm-tone fabric as far as making apparels are concerned.

Cup Sleeve

Winter calls for cups and cups of coffee. If you are a takeaway person, you exactly know how annoying those paper cup sleeves can be! They keep on sagging down and have caused millions of coffees to spill.

Put an end to this by making your very own fabric cup sleeve. After all, the grip is important. Just imagine how cute would these sleeves showcasing mushrooms and bugs look! Plus, you can create them within no time.


Your curtains reflect your style. If you want to keep up with the trends, just changing your curtains can do a lot. The Into the Woods collection is a perfect blend of contemporary and aesthetic style. You know exactly what’s behind this curtain!

Shopping Bags

Wine, cheese, or vegetables, whatever it is, make your custom shopping bag with our Into the Woods collection. Who said grocery shopping cannot be therapeutic?

The best part about making shopping bags is that they do not require a lot of fabric. In fact, you can use the leftover fabrics to make one.


Nature-inspired prints always look fresh. If you want to go big in sewing, consider making a quilt with the butterfly-bug collection cotton quilting fabric. Because your quilt is much more than just a warm piece of fabric.

Final Verdict

This is Broadway fabric's attempt to provide you unique prints on a budget. Yes, our Into the Woods collection will not burn a hole in your pocket. Starting at just $3, with shipping of flat $4 anywhere in the US, your sew-walk into the woods is the best deal you can get in mushroom and bug prints. Happy sewing!