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Unicorn Fabric

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Enrich the Fantasy of Young Girls with Our Unicorn Fabrics

Do we all remember our childhoods fondly? Because we all know our childhood days are the best days of our lives. They were without the burden of responsibility, full of energy and joy, and no one batted an eye for the love of the mythical creatures known as Unicorns. You have a chance again to be nostalgic by giving your girls a chance to wear unicorns again and adorning their rooms with our best Unicorn fabrics from a slew of great designs. Today, we will discuss how you can go about doing just that and some of our best-selling designs.

Great Ideas for Unicorn Fabrics:

Fairy tales are an integral part of a kid's childhood, whether you prepare for it or not. You never notice that one day, your kid has an imaginary friend with whom he can talk for hours. So why not join the fun and help them enjoy these innocent days full of joy and fun. Choose from our great unicorn fabrics to decorate your child's room with these best designs, or you can sew them with other things. Some of these great ideas are mentioned below.

Sew Them a Unicorn Night Shirt:

Unicorns are just one of many imaginative and mythical creatures that kids see in cartoons or kid's shows. Most kids and girls want to sleep with a teddy bear, or an animal tugged in their arms. Why not make them unicorn design fabric nighttime clothes to make them feel special and colorful. Their sleep will be so much better knowing they are going to sleep along with these characters.

The same designs can also be employed for her daily dresses or compliment her other dresses, either with a headscarf full of unicorns or a scarf she can tie around her wrist.

Hang Them on The Walls:

Unicorns are mythical creatures full of life and color, specially printed on a great background. You can make a great wall hanging from them as these are vibrant colors and made from full cotton for a girl’s room. These square hangings are easy to make on wooden frames; you can look online for simple tutorials to sew our fabrics on these frames. You can do this best with our knitting and sewing supplies with the best quality and best prices.

A Room Full of Unicorns for Your Princess:

Kids in their rooms always love mythical creature patterns. Whether they are white, pink, or colored rainbow, they will love it. You can choose our blue Unicorn fabric design for their quilt while having a blue theme for her room with touches of pink in the decorations. The single unicorn in the field of flowers and thymes gives a feeling of fantasy and freedom in the fields and life itself.

A cushion here and a cushion there if the sheets aren’t of unicorn designs while matching the rest of the room with the same colors.

Make a Small Bed for Her Plushies:

You can use the fabrics to make a complementary sheet for the small bed of the unicorn plushy. This bed can even be for a pet animal that you keep in your home. By taking a bit of extra unicorn fabric from the main, you can design matching sheets for your daughter and her pet. Cats and dogs love sleeping in comforting cotton sheets.

Unicorn Fabric Designs in Our Catalog:

When shopping for Unicorn designs from our catalog, you have the best selection of designs and manufacturers that you can buy by the yard, which are as follows:

Pink Mint Fabric By Michael Miller Fabrics – This design has teenage white unicorns prancing about pink hue fields, all free and joyful. This design will look best on a dress for your princess, especially during sunny days. The Unicorn Mint fabric is 100% cotton and can even work as a bed sheet for her room.

Navy Unicorn Fabric by Michael Miller Fabrics – Another beautiful design of forest animals playing with the unicorn for the perfect navy-blue scheme of her room. You can also design her toys bag or shopping bag for her with this fabric.

Blue Unicorn Fabric by Windham Fabrics – Another great design of a unicorn sitting in the fields after a day full of fun among the flowers. Perfect for outdoor garments and clothes. Great for curtains if you are going for subtle background colors in the room with one or two vibrant color pieces as set pieces.

Why Our Fabrics are Unique?

We offer the best quality fabrics and collect great designs from the best designers and manufacturers to give your shopping that premium feels that it isn't easy to keep maintaining the quality. These unicorn designs have been chosen from the best designers and kept in mind a young fantasy-loving child while vibrant and calm colors give a good appeal to your home décor or apparel.

Order Today with Extra Supplies on the Side:

You can also shop for other animals and fantasy designs from our catalog that will go well with Unicorn fabrics as you can buy them by the yard, and the more you buy as a bundle, the higher the discount. Our manufacturers' processes aren’t bad for the environment as they take great care in minimizing their carbon footprints but still give you the best quality.

You can also find extra supplies from our shop that can help you decorate the house and do any patchwork when and if needed, be ready for anything in a home of kids and pets.

Conclusion: H2

A unicorn theme is a wonderful idea for a young girl, and for ages, a girl always wanted a pony as a pet, so why not give her a unicorn until she is old and tall enough to ride a pony. These designs will keep her imagination and fantasy soaring every time she is in her room, and we believe a good imagination is necessary for a child's growth.