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Farm Animals

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Calm Your Farm! Create Sewing Projects With Farm Animals Fabrics

Farm lovers, this one’s for you! 

A little sew and a little farm, our delightful farm animals fabrics will mesmerize all seamstresses and quilters with their charm!

Welcome fabric & farm lovers to Broadway Fabrics barn - featuring farm-inspired prints. What’s your memory of a farm? Is it chickens, horses, sheep, and dogs? Good News. We got all those printed on a piece of fabric. 

Be it a farm-themed gathering, your kid’s school project or a client’s request, our cute range of farm animals fabrics will make you want to renew your fabric stash. Let’s take you through.

Calm Your Farm! Create Sewing Projects With Farm Animals Fabrics

 Because the best seamstresses must have the best fabrics! Based on popularity, prints, and style, here are our top picks from the farm animal fabric collection. Dig in!

Chickens teal fabric, Dear Stella quilt cotton Poppy Prairie, QTR YD

 It’s the “cuccle du du doo” of the chicken that makes you realize that you have reached a farm. Therefore, it would be unfair to not include chicken print fabrics in farm-inspired themes. This fabric features a modern take on chicken prints. White aesthetic chicken on a pastel, teal blue background – this is a must-have farm animals fabric. 

Pink Purple Horse fabric - Dreamland Northcott Fabrics quilting cotton QTR YD

Take up any movie scene from a farm and it will always have horses and a stable. Let’s bring gorgeous, colorful horses to your sewing projects. Have look at this pink purple horse print fabric by Northcott Fabrics. This is the cutest fabric with horse print that you will find on the web.

Green pink pig kids cotton fabric, Paintbrush Studio Animal Kingdom, QTR YD

Nothing can be cuter than a bunch of tiny piglets following the mama pig all across the barn. This cute fabric features pink pigs on a green background and is perfect for making farm-inspired garments and decor.

White chicken kids cotton fabric, Paintbrush Studio Animal Kingdom, QTR YD

Want more alternatives for chicken fabrics? We have got a bunch of those! If you are looking for farm animals fabric for making kid’s projects, this white fabric with chickens could be the one. Manufactured by paintbrush studio, and made from 100% cotton, this chicken fabric could add a great twist to your sewing projects.

Orange duck goose kids cotton fabric, Paintbrush Studio Animal Kingdom, QTR YD

Ducks and geese, farm are full of these! Featuring a tonne of white ducks printed on an orange fabric, this beauty from Paintbrush studio is a must-have! Be it kids’ decor, kitchen utility projects, or garments, this orange duck cotton fabric will slay all your sewing projects.

Brown tan sheep fabric, Sir Wooly Lambkin cotton fabric Art Gallery, QTR YD

Want to sew a farm-themed project with a modern twist? Broadway Fabrics has got a perfect farm animal cotton fabric for your stash. Check out this brown tan sheep fabric that’s loaded with aesthetics, modern prints, and a nude shade. Hard to resist, isn’t it? This gorgeous fabric retails for just $3.13, buy it before we run out of this fabric.

Goat fabric, Art Gallery Fabrics Grazing Goats farm animals fabric, QTR YD

Want a subtle take on farm animals fabric? Nothing could be better than this premium, goat fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics. An off-white shade, subtle black prints, and neatly placed elements make this fabric truly versatile. With this fabric in your stash, you can make countless projects including garments. Grab it now!

Farm animals cotton sewing fabric Dashwood Studio quilt cotton QTR YD

All this while we have been going on and on about farm animals fabrics, and farm-themed projects, but haven’t talked about a fabric that features them all collectively. Well, not until now at least. We love that you love farms and you love sewing. Have a look at this 100% cotton fabric featuring all the farm animals. It’s like Dashwood Studio printed the entire farm into a fabric. Cute, colorful, collective, you know you want to get this fabric.

And those were the top picks guys! We hope you were able to find the farm animal print fabric that fulfills your requirements. But that’s not all, you can check out more prints and themes at the Broadway Fabrics website.

Farm Animals Fabric By The Yard

At Broadway Fabrics, all Farm Animal theme fabrics are sold in increments of 1/4 yard. You can choose yardage by entering the number of quarter yards from the drop-down menu.

For instance, 1 = 1/4 yard, 2 = 1/2 yard, 3 = 3/4 yard, and 4 = one full yard. Each 1/4 yard measures 9inches x width of fabric.

P.S. - We cut all fabric is in one continuous piece.

Final Verdict

We, at Broadway Fabrics, appreciate your love for fabrics and sewing. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a wide range of fabrics in various prints, themes, and materials. 

Couldn’t find the appropriate fabric with farm animals on the list? No worries. With great filter options as well as a detailed menu, you can find the exact fabric and sewing supplies to suit your requirements. Just type the exact word or phrase on the search menu.

Broadway Fabrics would love to be your fabric genie. Scroll, add, buy and relax. Rest will be taken care of by us. We do an all over the US shipping for a flat $4. Place your online order now.

Happy sewing!