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Make Forest Fusion Sewing Projects With Wildwood Fabric

Hello fabric lovers! We know the last two years have been all about restrictions, staying safe, and staying home as much as possible. You all must be missing going out, tracking and camping. You know there’s a “but” coming and that is what this write-up is all about. Be it a themed project, a client’s request, or casual sewing, our wildwood fabrics will cheer you up!

Wildflower motifs, wood barks, aesthetic colors, and modern prints, draw the energy of wild woods to your sewing projects with Broadway’s Wildwood fabric collection.

Manufacturers Behind Wildwood Fabric

Broadway Fabrics is delighted to boast the Wildwood fabric collection but it’s important to acknowledge the creative minds behind them too. Our Wildwood stock is brought to you by two of the most loved manufacturers – Rifle Paper Co, and Art Gallery Fabrics!

Known for their contemporary styles, premium fabric, and modern prints, it’s only obvious that these manufacturers could come up with such a bold and beautiful fabric collection.

If you are wondering where to buy Rifle Paper Co fabric from, you are about to get amazed! Broadway Fabrics is here to be your fabric genie!

Broadway Fabrics Top Picks From The Wildwood Fabric Collection

Want to skip to the good part? You know the drill! Below you will find some of our handpicked cuties from the wildwood fabric collection. Hop In!

Wildwood Fabrics From Rifle Paper Co

The rifle paper wildwood fabric is one of a kind. These wildwood garden party fabrics are a perfect combination of bold and beautiful. Check out the collection.

Rifle Paper Co. fabric, Petite cream floral, QTR YD

Want your sewing projects to have a wild, floral charm? Vibe with this Petite cream floral fabric from Rifle Paper Co. Just look how gorgeously the bright shades and wildflowers blend. Truly a garden party!

We know fabric lovers like you can never get enough of floral prints fabrics. So, here are some similar floral motifs from our wildwood collection that you can consider buying. Let’s get this garden party started!

  • Rifle Paper Co floral fabric, Garden Party cream Wildwood cotton, QTR YDRifle Paper Co floral fabric, Garden Party Petite blue-white Wildwood, 1/4 Yd
  • Rifle Paper Co floral fabric, Garden Party navy Wildwood cotton, QTR YD
  • Navy Petite Garden Party floral RAYON fabric - Rifle Paper Co. Wildwood QTR YD

Wildwood Garden Cream Floral Fabric, Camont Collection, Cotton

Do you love tiny wildflowers? Well so do we! And, trust us, you’ll love the DIYs, garments, and decor made from this wildwood garden fabric. Bright prints, white background, and premium-quality fabric, this deserves to be in your stash.

Navy Wildwood Floral Fabric, Camont Collection, Cotton Sewing Fabric

Ever wondered how those tiny, colorful wildflowers would look in the night forest? The best explanation we can think of is “enchanting”. Bring this enchantment into your projects with this rifle paper co wildwood fabric. Hurry get your hands on it before it goes out of stock.

Pink peonies fabric, Rifle Paper Co. Wildwood pink peonies, QTR YD

When in doubt add peonies to your sewing projects because Rifle Paper Co printed them on a gorgeous fabric. Trending shades of pink, soft fabric, and cute peony vines, this fabric is hard to resist! Add it to your wildwood fabric stash now!

Navy peonies fabric, Rifle Paper Co. Wildwood navy peonies, QTR YD

Peach peonies on a navy background! Sounds bomb, isn’t it? Well, see for yourself! Grab this cute, somber navy peonies fabric.

Blue peonies fabric, Rifle Paper Co. Wildwood blue peonies, QTR YD

Aesthetic Alert! This blue peonies fabric is lit. Super trendy pastel shades and a combination of peach and blue prints make it perfect for modern-themed sewing. Options are unlimited, all you need to do is add it to your cart and place an online order.

Wildwood Fabrics From Art Gallery Fabrics

Let’s take a break from flowers, buds, and leaves. Wood is an essential part of wilderness too. In fact, the name of the collection itself is “Wildwood”. So, here were are with the cutest woody/wooden bark prints.

Blue tree bark fabric - Wildwood Forester - AGF Little Forester QTR YD

Check this blue tree bark fabric! Can you imagine the countless projects you could make from it? Get your hands on this wildwood forester by Art Gallery Fabrics now.

Peachtree bark , Art Gallery Fabrics Hello Bear, Wildwood Nectar, QTR YD

Oh, do you like it peachy? No worries, consider getting this Wildwood Nectar fabric. Premium cotton material, pastel shade, and an adorable woody print! How better could it get?

Have Fun Crafting These Wildwood Fabrics!

Be wild, be free with your sewing projects. We know your skills and our fabrics are meant to create statement pieces!

Not able to pick one? Well, you could grab them all! Keep calm, it won’t burn a hole in your pockets. Our Wildwood fabric collection starts from $3.13 so that you can add as many you want to your fabric stash.

Don’t even worry about the quality because when it’s Broadway Fabrics, premium fabrics are assured.

And hey! We do an all over the US shipping for a flat $4. Cool, isn’t it? Search, scroll, stalk, and shop! Place your online order now.

Happy sewing!