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Best Ideas and Fabrics from Our Mermaid Collection

Mermaid has been an integral part of folklore and stories for the seafarers, and sailors sang most sea shanties for these beautiful and mythical creatures. Such fantasy tales kept sailors in a good mood on their long voyages, while in today's media, it tells of the time it could have been a part of daily lives if these creatures were real. If you are an admirer of these characters and creatures from movies and books, we have some great mermaid designs and the best ideas on how you can use these fantasies in your home décor designs.

7 Ways You Can Use Mermaid Fabrics in Your House and Beyond:

Don't we have our lives already full of realities that take most of our days managing them? Why not take some time off and get lost in these fantasies and full of lore with these creatures by making these mermaids as a most important part of our home décor designs?

  1. ADoormat of Mermaid Fabric:

Well, let your guest see your first love of fantasy as soon as they knock on the door made by mermaid fabric designs. These are great gifts for someone who is into fantasy but wouldn’t dare put one out as a doormat; this will help nudge the right direction.

  1. Rugs With Mermaid Themes:

Make a patch of mermaid-designed fabrics on your rugs to give them a beautiful addition for the enhanced fantasy look of your living room. This themed rug can be a part of your nautical outlook of one of your rooms or even for your kid’s room.

  1. Mermaid Duvet for Girl’s Room:

Choose from our finest mermaid fabrics to design and sew a duvet with our best mermaid fabrics. This colorful duvet for your kids will make their bedtime more fun and greater to show to their friends. Using the design from one of our fabrics will be easy to wash and dry.

  1. Hanging Artwork of Mermaid Fabrics:

Using our mermaid-printed fabrics as wall hangings is a great way to extend the unconventional theme of your house. We are sure your kids will love them. Our Mermaid Summer Beach design is great to hang on the wall to give a perfect look for your living room with these diving and dancing mermaids. Don't forget to choose the fabric that should match the color scheme of your home.

  1. Shower Curtains:

Most of our fabrics are 100% cotton, so it won’t seem a good idea to use them in bathrooms, but if you stitch a waterproof fabric on the inside where you shower, these can be a great addition to the bathroom of your kids. You can use any of our fabrics for this purpose.

  1. Mermaid Fabric Pillows:

Your living room can follow a color theme according to your liking, but the pillows should be a contrast to this theme, and the best contrast is a mermaid design fabric to bring color and vibrancy that will stand out and further enhance the look and feel of your room.

  1. Dresses and Frocks:

If you can’t think of a mermaid fabric, use it in your décor, dresses are always there for great cotton fabric designs. Most of our designs are so aesthetically colorful and made with soft cotton; you can never go wrong with sewing a dress from them. You can make a pair for you and your young girl with our vibrant designs.

Our Best Mermaid Fabrics:

After reading through some great ideas for mermaid fabric designs, the following are some of our best fabrics in store for you to buy.

Pink Mermaid Fabric by Michael Miller:

This amazing design is full of colors and shines with the metallic stars that give off a sleek sheen to your fabric, including beautifully printed mermaids to tingle your imagination. Perfect design for your kids' room curtains that will shine whenever a light or sunshine is reflected.

Summer Beach Mermaid Fabric by Dear Stella:

This design will bring joy and calmness to your home, with many different mermaids dancing and diving and being merry. The perfect combination of colors and subtle light background is perfect for your rooms with plenty of sunshine, as passing through sunshine will further enhance this fabric.

Swimming Mermaids in the Ocean by Windham Fabrics:

This is our oh-so-favorite design that will bring a really calming combination of color to your kids’ room or even as a tablecloth for your living room. We recommend this as a wall hanging right beside your door on the outside so others can cherish it too.

Purple Mermaid Fabric by Art Gallery:

Another great design to choose your cushions with. Their purple color brings a bright contrast to whatever room you use them for. You can even make a great dress out of this where the mermaids will be dancing whenever you walk, giving this dress and designing a mystical feel to it. Don't worry if someone starts a sea shanty seeing you in the streets. It is just them complimenting your aesthetic sense of dressing well.

Navy Seashell Mermaid Design by Dear Stella:

You can use this seashell mermaid design for more things than one. It can be a part of a patchwork quilt, a perfect embroidered design for sofa cushions, a top even of your summer beach dress. It will look lovely in any of its forms, and the best quality quilting cotton will give you the most comfortable soft feel to touch.

Conclusion – Why Should You Choose Our Fabric?

When designs incorporate fantasy themes, their look and feel enhance and show a great vibe due to their addition. Mermaids add so much character to different designs and color schemes that we are sure you would love to use them everywhere, not just your dresses. With our finest collection of limited manufactures and designs keeping just the best, it is no wonder that you will love each item from our catalog.