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The top 5 must-buy owl fabrics out there

Owls are nocturnal animals which means that they only come out at night; thus, we rarely see one. However, if you are lucky enough to observe an owl from up close, you might have seen their unique features and a look that's different from any other bird species out there. Adding more to this unique look of owls is the fact that owls being blind, use their hearing sense to observe their surroundings, fly and hunt. This nocturnal nature and the owl's blindness adds it to the list of the most mysterious animals. Moreover, it is also considered as one of the most intelligent animals and is showcased as a wise bird in almost every child's show.

The fact that an owl is both a mysterious and children's favorite animal makes this the perfect print for a fabric. Owl fabrics have been pretty common for a long time now and are available easily. However, you should be pretty selective while buying them since you got to have the ones that best suit your style and requirements. To make things easy, we have got a list of the top five owl fabrics that you can get.

1- Grey Night Owls cotton fabric

Starting off, the first one we have on the list is the grey night owl's fabric. Having a unique grey, soft and comfortable fabric, this fabric will surely stand out from others and enhance the look of any place you use this in.

On its unique grey background, the fabric has a great design and print. This unique design and print of the fabric make it insanely eye-catching and attractive. The design is basically a bunch of different owls, all having colors that complement the base color; this unique color complement allows for the fabric to maintain its dark yet playful look. The bodies and specifically the eyes on these owls are decorated in cute shapes making this a child-friendly fabric.

Printed around these owls are cute patterns and plants that add more to the nature theme of the fabric. Overall, the fabric has a serious yet child-friendly look. Apart from its design, the fabric is made from 100% cotton; thus, it is comfortable, making it a must-buy for everyone.

2- Dark gray owl fabric

Want to have an owl fabric that has got a dark look and will make add a serious vibe to any place you put it in? Well, the dark gray owl fabric is perfect for you. Being dark blueish black, the fabric has a look that's unlike any other fabric out there.

Printed onto the fabric are the most unique and beautiful owls. Having an extraordinary look, these owls have a realistic look, thus making this fabric look more serious. These owls are colored in different colors; these colors, however, are kept dim to match the overall theme of the fabric.

Around the owls on this fabric are beautiful geometric lines. Drawn in a triangular crisscross pattern, these lines are symmetric and add a beautiful depth to the already amazing fabric. The fabric is made with 100% cotton, making it comfortable for every type of use.

3- Pastel owl fabric

The pastel owl fabric is a one-of-a-kind owl fabric that will lighten up any place you use it. The fabric has an amazing light look, making it look appealing and lively; thus, it is also suitable for use in children's products.

The color of this fabric is a very light tone of blue, which makes this have a much friendlier look than the others on this list. Printed onto this blue fabric is an amazing owl that looks amazingly realistic. The wings and the eyes of the owls are insanely detailed and are decorated with cute shapes and patterns.

Around these owls are beautiful linear patterns. These linear patterns are perfectly symmetrical and give the fabric the perfect final touch it needs. Apart from its design, the fabric is made up of 100% premium quality cotton, which gives it a soft and comfortable feel, thus making it good for every type of use.

4- Turquoise Owl Night Fabric

The turquoise owl night fabric is a fabric that gives off a vibe like no other. Having a dark and serious look accompanied by a perfectly symmetrical design, this fabric is a must-have for anyone looking for an owl fabric.

Having a dark turquoise tone, the fabric can perfectly fit in a whole lot of places. Complementing its turquoise color is the owl print on this fabric. The fabric is mostly filled with owls; these owls are designed in a very simplistic manner and have natural owl colors, thus further adding to the serious look of this fabric.

Made with 100% premium quality cotton, and is completely soft and comfortable.

5- White and Grey Owl Night Fabric

The white and grey owl night fabric is a fabric that tops the list for being the most simplistic. Having a plain design with basic colors, the fabric is entirely simplistic; this makes the fabric look good in almost every place you use it.

The jacket has a plain greyish white color; complementing this beautiful color are the unique owl prints on the fabric. Keeping the simple look intact, the owls on this fabric are also drawn in a really simple manner and have a greyish color, thus complementing the fabric's base color.

Made up of 100% premium quality cotton, the fabric is soft, comfortable and can be easily sewn.


Owls are surely one of the most mysterious yet cute-looking animals, thus making an owl print, the perfect print for a fabric. Owl fabrics are eye-catching and can elevate the look of any place you want. We hope that this article helped find the perfect owl fabric for you.