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Kids Will Love The Projects Made From Animal Alphabet Fabric

Hello fabric lovers! Broadway Fabrics brings you yet another collection to satisfy your sewing urges. This time it's kids special! Want alphabet print fabric with cute animals too? You have landed in the right place.

School should not be the only place for kids to learn. Home can be a fun place too to play and learn. Playing with alphabets and animals is a great way to make kids learn and develop recognition. How about creating some fun sewing projects with the animal alphabet fabric collection? These cute and aesthetic fabrics will be perfect for the kid’s fun learning activities.

Let’s take you through the wide range of the animal alphabet fabric panel collection along with the top 5 things you can make using them. Hop in.

Create Engaging Pre-School Specials Using Animal Alphabet Fabric

Who said fabrics are mere piece of textile that is used as garment and decor? Broadway’s animal alphabet fabric collection is a lot more than just fabrics. They can be a great source of subtle learning for pre-schoolers. Not sure? Here’s how!

Teaching your child how to read and write will work the best if they are reminded of those alphabets constantly. Keep Calm, we aren’t suggesting a strict at-home revision session. You see, learning must not always be on the face. Subtle, passive learning is a great way too. How about you create something from alphabet fabric panels?

Let’s assume you made cushion covers, table mats, or oven mitts that have cute little animals and alphabets printed on them. These prints will induce recognition and learning among kids. And, yes, communication is a must. You can ask questions like “what is that little thing on the cushion”? Or “what does this alphabet look like”? It’s time to go beyond books, writing, and ipads.    

Let’s make learning fun! Ready, thready, sew!

The Best Of Animal Alphabet Fabrics @ Broadway Fabrics

The animal alphabet fabric from Paintbrush Studio is inspired by nursery projects and after-school specials. The creative mind behind these cute, swotting prints is Suzy Ultman. Featuring colorful, cute animals and alphabets, this collection is a must-have in your kids' fabric stash.

We, at Broadway Fabrics, are determined to provide you with the best prints and sewing supplies. Here are the top picks from the animal alphabet fabric collection. Because modern kids must have the best fabrics.

Colorful kids animal alphabet fabric - Quilt, QTR YD

Kids love colors. Didn’t all of us love those hungry animal alphabet fabrics on displays? If you are looking for a fabric that just pops out and can never get unnoticed, go for this. Featuring a tonne of cute colorful alphabets, animals, instruments, fruits, and buses, this fabric from the Animal Alphabet collection will make perfect sewing projects for the kids. Because sometimes all you need is a little splash of colors & alphabet fabric with animals.

Pink summer fruit fabric - Fruit fabrics - QTR YD

If you want to cling to pastels, you can never go wrong with this pink summer fruit fabric. This fabric from our Animal Alphabet collection is full of summer vibes. Featuring the summer favorites – ice creams, watermelons, bananas, strawberries, etc, on an aesthetic pink background, this cutie is a universal favorite. Yes, adults will love it too. 

Fun kids alphabet fabric - Paintbrush Studio quilt cotton, QTR YD

Your sewing plan A to Z is sorted with the fun kids' alphabet fabric. Featuring cute, colorful, flipped alphabets on a bright white background, this one is the cutest alphabet print you will ever find. This alphabet cotton fabric will make perfect kid’s garments & decor. Grab it now!

Modern kids animal fabric - Paintbrush Studio quilt cotton, QTR YD

Is your kid obsessed with dinosaurs? If yes, consider getting this vibrant fabric filled with dinosaurs. Featuring pterosaurs, sauropods, stegosaurus, and white mammoths, this fabric from our animal alphabet collection is a true rock star. Be it kid’s be sheets, curtains, or sleepwear, your magic & this fabric will rock it up! 

Pink strawberry fruit fabric - Paintbrush Studio quilt cotton, QTR YD

Make so berry cute outfits and decor using the pink strawberry fruit fabric, because happiness is a basket of strawberries. Featuring tiny, multicolored strawberries on an off-yellow background, this fabric will make perfect oven mitts, table mats, and other kitchen decors. 

Kids fruit stripe fabric - Paintbrush Studio Animal Alphabet, QTR YD

Let’s see, what do the nursery posters of elementary school contain? Alphabets? Check. Animals? Check. Fruits? Now checked. Featuring pastel-colored fruits in a striped pattern, this fabric from our animal alphabet collection is a darling. You know you want to get it.

Modern animal print fabric - Animal Fabric - QTR YD

Make your little one dream big with this modern animal print fabric. Loaded with cute, colorful, tiny elephant prints, this textile will make perfect sheets and covers.

Tiny Green Apples PBS Fabrics Animal Alphabet quilt cotton fabrics QTR YD      

You will “apple-solutely” adore this print! Featuring tiny green apples in a sequence is a must-have for creating fresh-looking sewing projects.

5 Unique Things To Do With The Animal Alphabet Fabric

Now that you know what the Alphabet Animal fabric collection at Broadway Fabrics is all about, it’s time for some recommendations. Consider making these with the cute, colorful animal alphabet collection:

Boo Boo Bags

Squishy bean bags are fun to play with. You can make a cute boo-boo bag for your kids using our animal alphabet fabric collection.

Teddy Bear Shirt/Dress 

Ooh, is it teddy’s birthday? Update your kid’s toys with new apparel. The kids are going to love it.

Drawstring Backpack

Going to the park or a friend’s place requires the kids to carry a few things. Make the cutest drawstring bags for them. These are sure to turn heads.

Cut Off Jeans With Fabric Hem

Give a twist to those regular jeans by adding a colorful fabric hem to them. This is a quick, instant upgrade to your kid’s outfit.

Dragon Hoodies

These are the cutest hoodies your kids will ever have. Believe us it is not at all difficult to make. P.S. – Be prepared for a lot of questions when you are out running errands with your kids, wearing them.

As You Can See

While crafted exclusively for kids, certain picks from our animal alphabet fabric collection can turn out versatile for adults too. Aren’t we all up for some cute kid’s outfit and home decor?

Broadway Fabrics believes in constantly providing you with fabrics and sewing supplies without burning a hole in your pocket. The animal alphabet collection at Broadway Fabrics starts from $2.74. Good news – we do an all-over US shipping at $4 flat. Shop online now.

Stock up your fabric stash now. Happy sewing!