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Snatch Up Our Destash Fabric At Super Affordable Rates!

Hello Fabric Lovers!

You must know by the title that we are talking about leftover, clearance fabrics. But wait, they are not useless! If you have been sewing and quilting, you know how useful fabric scraps can be. So, we thought why not add these beautiful leftover fabrics to our merchandise. Presenting you our Destash fabrics! This is the most affordable way to stock up on trendy prints, and popular collections.

FYI – Any fabric that does not fall under the increment of ¼ yard is sold on Broadway Fabrics as “Destash”.

Worried about quality? Keep calm. When it’s Broadway Fabrics, you need not bother about the quality. The fabrics featured in our Destash fabric collection are leftovers, mis-cut pieces, and scraps but these do not take away from the quality of the fabrics.

We update our Destash regularly on our website and social media. If you are lucky, you may even find trending fabrics by popular manufacturers on our Destash list for cheap.

The Great Destash Fabric Collection– Make Them Yours 

We do not like to see even an inch of fabric getting wasted. So, we came up with the idea of Destash Fabrics. If you are looking for affordable fabrics in small quantities or fabric scraps for creating patchwork quilts, here’s what you can expect to find in our Destash Fabric collection. Let’s shop for scrap fabric projects!

 White bones fabric, Scaredy Cat fabric Riley Blake Halloween fabric, QTR YD

 Are you sewing small projects for your pets? You’ll love this White Bones fabric!

 Mint black shapes fabric, Scaredy Cat fabric Riley Blake Halloween, QTR YD

 Isn’t mint green an extremely satisfying shade? If you plan to make sewing projects like cup sleeves, table mats, or patches for the quilt top, this “Mint Black Shapes” fabric could work.

 Orange bones fabric, Scaredy Cat fabric Riley Blake Halloween fabric, QTR YD

 This is another vibrant shade in the “bones-print” fabric! Grab it before it goes out of stock for good.

 Destash 18'' Silent Typewriter fabric, Lower the Volume cotton Art Gallery Fabrics, QTR YD

We love the typewriter font! Do you like it too? If yes, here’s a fun Destash from Art Gallery Fabrics that features typewriter prints.

 Destash 20" Inch - Green pink pig kids cotton fabric

Here is a cute green cotton fabric featuring pink mama pigs followed by their tiny piglets. This fabric scrap is available in a 20-inch length.

 Destash 12" Inch - Modern Eye Turquoise fabric

Looking for a small quantity of modern-print fabrics? You’ll love this “Modern Eye Turquoise” fabric.

Destash 34" Inch - Blue Floral Fabric

We all are a fan of floral prints and motifs. Here’s a cute pastel-shade fabric that features aesthetic pink flowers.

Destash 36''Blue seashells fabric - fun fabric - QTR YD

Do you love the ombre effect of two shades? How about we provide that on sea-shell prints? Get your hands on this “Blue Sea Shells” fabric by Paintbrush Studio.

Destashed 24'' Tossed treats bakery fabric, Rolling Pin

Do you want to add a bright, joyful twist to your patch quilts? Here’s a perfect fabric scrap for that. Get your hands on this “Tossed Treats Bakery Fabrics” by Figo Fabrics. Creating projects with this cutie will be a true sewing treat!

Destash 12" Inch - Pink brown plaid fabric

Ooh, we feature basics as well in our Destash! Check out this gorgeous “Pink & Brown plaid fabric”.

Destash 52" Inch - Pastel Bananas, Selva Be Bananas jungle fabric

Who wants pastel bananas? Well, with Broadway Fabrics around, you can surely have those printed in a piece of fabric, that too for cheap!

Destash Bundle 9 - Art Gallery Pure Solid HALF YARD fabric bundle 4 piece

Do you want fabric bundles with solids? Done! Get your hands on this 4-piece fabric bundle featuring textiles from Art Gallery Fabrics.

Destash fabric - 36" Northcott quilting cotton

Are you looking for a quilting cotton fabric? We have a navy blue one in 36 inches!

We know fabric lovers can never have enough beautiful fabrics. And when you get them at such affordable rates, it gets even harder to resist them! Listed below are a few more Destashes that you can consider buying.

Altogether, Now

In the gorgeous world of sewing and quilting, there’s nothing called too much fabric. We understand that as budding seamstresses, stocking up on fabric may not always be affordable. Therefore, our Destash section is an opportunity to buy fabrics scraps and leftovers.

Are you unsure about what to do with fabric scraps? Well, the possibilities of creating projects from these are endless!

Our Destash fabrics serve two major purposes –

1. Avoids wastage of scraps, mis-cut fabrics & end-to-end cuts

2. Gives a new life and usage to leftover fabrics

We hope you found your favorite from our Destash list. Shop online before they go out of stock.

Happy Sewing!