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You Will Love Your Sewing projects Made From Birch Fabrics

Hello fabric lovers! Here’s another exciting fabric range from Broadway Fabrics – the Birch Fabrics! Love mysterious, mythical mermaids? That’s what will make you love our collection of Birch Fabrics too.

If you are reading this, you likely desire to know more about this fabric. Understandable! It’s always nice to have some insights before going ahead with purchasing a fabric. You desire, and Broadway Fabrics fulfills. Here’s what you need to know about Birch Fabrics, their utility, top picks, and some sewing ideas. Dive in!

About Birch Fabrics

Sewing pretty projects do not have to always start with sewing. Knowing your fabric before you cut and sew is important too. You will find countless write-ups as to how to prepare your fabric before sewing, or the tips to sew fabrics. However, knowing about the designer or the reason behind the launch of a collection has a role to play too. 

We, at Broadway Fabrics, wish to go a little ahead of just business and merchandise by providing you some trivia about your favorite fabric collections. Here’s one about the Birch Fabrics.

The reason behind the launch of Birch Fabrics was to provide an environment-friendly cotton fabric to the rapidly growing sewing & quilting industry. The whole idea was to develop and promote fabric sustainability and consciousness. 

We always look for products that are non-plastic, vegan, or cruelty-free. But, what about fabrics? Some initiative needs to be taken in his area too. Hence, all Birch Fabrics are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and are printed with low-impact dye. Now, isn’t that lovely?

Why Birch Fabrics?

After knowing how environmentally sustainable the Birch Fabrics are, there’s no great season to not pick them. But, if you still want one, Broadway Fabrics won’t disappoint you.

Birch Fabrics feature enchanting, whimsical prints that you would love to incorporate into your sewing projects. With fabric that’s made of premium-quality organic cotton, and features cute eye-catching prints, the real question is “Why Not?” 

Shop online for the “Birch Fabrics” at Broadway Fabrics. Your one-stop shop for fabrics! 

Best Of Birch Fabrics At Broadway Fabrics

Now that you have some insights about the fabric, it’s time for the top picks. Consider getting these fabrics from our Birch Fabrics collection:

Birch Fabrics Beyond the Sea, QTR YD

In a sea full of fish, be a mermaid! Well, that got a little too literal. Jokes apart, if you are looking for a cute, high-quality fabric with marine elements, this one’s got it all. Featuring scuba diver, sea horse, octopus, seashells & star, and of course mermaid, this fabric is a dream.  

Got to sew for someone who is Thalassophile (obsessed with the sea)? You can never go wrong with this fabric. Get freaky deals on Broadway Fabrics. Hurry!

Deer Silhouette Fabric, Birch Elk Fam Coral, Organic cotton fabrics, QTR YD

Are you “fawnd” of fabrics with cute elks? This piece from the Birch Fabrics collection is the perfect choice for you. Featuring multiple elks on a coral background this forest-inspired fabric will restore the beauty of your sewing projects.

Your skills and Broadway’s fabrics will bring the art that comes out of these fabrics!

Birch Fabrics Swim Lesson organic cotton, QTR YD

If you are looking for an overload of sea elements, grab this fabric from the Birch Fabrics collection. Covered with multiple tiny fishes, and enchanting mermaids, this will make great apparel, quilts, and even home decor.

“Birch” Creative – Sewing ideas Using Birch Fabrics

You may have several sewing ideas in mind, but may we recommend some ideas that would look awesome with these fabrics. It’s time for some DIY sewing ideas using our collection of Birch Fabrics.

PJ Bottoms

Easy to sew, and super comfy! Want a brand new pair of PJs for your night-outs? Sew one with the mesmerizing Birch Fabrics.

Doll Clothes

Buying clothes for dolls may not be cost-effective. With your sewing skills, it will not be too difficult to make doll clothes. Design custom doll clothes with the Birch Fabrics. Work hard, weave harder!

Welly Liners

No cuter way to freshen up your rain boots! You could use the organic fleece range from Birch fabrics or simply layer regular fabrics to create one.

Throw Quilts

Want a fresh, eye-catching throw quilt? Layered quilts made from Birch Fabrics will cheer up your home instantly.

Drawstring Bags

Want utility from your fabrics? What’s better than sewing easy drawstring bags? Organize, Customise Collect!

Fabric Bins

These little cuties help keep every space clutter-free, plus they are great decorative pieces too! Bring style and storage to your room by creating fabric bins out of Birch Fabrics.

Decorative Triangles Fabric Banner

Got scrap fabric? Turn them into cute decorative triangle banners that adorn and lift the aesthetics of every house party. The best part is that there would be little-to-no sewing involved in this DIY.

In Essence

When it comes to quality sewing, fabric stands above the rest. We hope this helped! Fabric loves you. Wondering where to buy birch fabrics? Think no more, you have got Broadway Fabrics back! Shop for Birch Fabrics online now!

Looking for more styles and prints? We have got that too. Explore the wide range of fabrics and sewing supplies from Broadway Fabrics. We do an all US shipping for a flat $4. Place your order now!