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Nautical Fabric

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Beachy Prints and Color- Nautical Fabric

Is your home looking dull and boring, and you are thinking of adding some color and brightness back into them? Then one of the prominent themes that many people appreciate is the Nautical Theme. There are thousands of people obsessed with the beach or sea and even the sea creatures. So for that nautical-themed things are the best.

Ever thought of using nautical theme fabric to enhance your home and create some new and innovative things to decorate your home. Broadway fabrics have a collection of nautical fabrics that are pretty and very bright, through which you can uplift the interior of your home.

How to use Nautical Fabric to decorate your home:

  1. Nautical Fabric for Curtains:

You can make shower curtains or simple curtains using nautical cotton fabric. Since this fabric is thick and not see-through, it will act as a perfect barrier for light and can be used to make curtains. Other than that, the dainty prints related to the beach and sea can fulfil your fantasies for the beach.

  1. Dresses and Clothes:

Fabric is mainly used to make clothes and dresses. The nautical collection has pretty colors and delicate patterns that are best for your children to make frocks and dresses. The material is soft and silky, perfect for making comfortable and lightweight everyday dresses for kids.

  1. Tote Bags:

If you are someone who works for the betterment of the environment, then you can make environment-friendly bags. You can use these nautical print fabrics in order to make tote bags. This fabric is one of the most durable and strong fabrics; therefore, it won't easily damage or destroy. Perfect to use on an everyday basis for grocery shopping and to carry other stuff.

  1. Pillow Covers and Bedsheets:

Nautical theme bed sheets and pillow covers are so aesthetically pleasing. Hence, you can get this beach-themed fabric and make some pretty bedsheets and pillow cover for your room and even for your children obsessed with sea and sea creatures.

  1. Hanging Wall Art:

Wall Arts are a perfect and minimalist way to uplift your space. They add such a luxurious texture to your home, and with that using the nautical theme can be the best combination. Nautical theme art walls are some of the famous pieces available at a lot of prices in the market. But you can use the nautical fabric and make hanging wall art by them. Use a wooden frame and wrap the fabric around it. It will create such a beautiful and simple art wall for your home.

  1. Door Mats:

If you have a beach theme room, finding a doormat that fits the theme can be very challenging. Rather than buying some pricy doormat, you make your own using this beach theme fabric. These are heavy-duty fabric and long-lasting, so they will work perfectly as the doormats for your room and all around the house.

There are plenty of things that you can make from nautical fabrics, such as coasters, drying clothes, and many other things. All of these things can be used in your home to decorate without spending a lot of money.

Best Nautical Fabrics and Prints:

If you are trying to find cute and adorable prints based on nautical and beach themes, Broadway has a wide variety of such fabrics. These fabrics are some of the finest quality fabrics that you can find.

Following is the list of the best nautical fabrics and prints that you can find.

  1. Sea Corals Fabrics by Figo Fabrics:

Someone obsessed with the sea will love this Sea Corals Fabrics by Figo Fabrics. It is such a fun and cute fabric with loads of corals printed on it. This fabric has a creamy white background and small and cute pink and peach corals.

This fabric can work perfectly if you want to make shower curtains and look for fabrics to make bedsheets.

  1. Blue Crab Fabric by Dear Stella:

This fabric can be perfect for people in love with sea animals. This crab-inspired fabric is made of cotton material which is very durable and long-lasting. This fabric is a mixture of different blue, with light blue as the back color and dark blue crabs printed on it. Furthermore, it also has small seashells and other sea-related things, giving it a very pretty effect.

  1. Modern Sailboat Nautical Fabric by Figo Fabrics:

If you are looking for a bright and colorful print, this Modern Sailboat Nautical Fabric by Figo Fabric can be your option. It can be used as hanging wall art or on another decoration piece to amp up the room with bold and bright colors.

As the name suggests, this fabric has boats printed on it with a mixture of pink, orange and grey colors. Hence, a perfect combination of pastels and bright colors and shades.

  1. Teal Sea Turtles Fabric by Windham Fabrics:

Teal Sea Turtles Fabric by Windham Fabrics is another print inspired by sea creatures. This fabric perfectly represents life under the sea with royal and lush teal color for the water and some cute colorful and little turtles to show the beautiful creatures and animals under the sea.

The material used to make this fabric is the topmost, which s comfortable and durable, so it is easy to use and won't get damaged easily. It can be used as bed sheets, dresses, and many other things around the home.


Many people make their room or their children's room based on the sea theme, so for them, these nautical fabrics can be the best option to opt for. These fabrics are made with top-quality products, and the craftsmanship behind them is also the best. The colors and the prints are so vibrant and bright that they can be a perfect way to enhance your room. In addition to all this, they are also very affordable and pocket-friendly. So if you are looking for fabrics, you can check out this nautical collection.