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Brave Enough to Dream

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Sew Timeless Treasures With Brave Enough To Dream Collection

Hello fabric lovers! Are you looking for the cutest, enchanting winter forest fabric? Your quest is over because Broadway Fabrics has brought another amazing collection for your stash – the “Brave enough to dream” fabric. Mesmerizing name, isn’t it? Believe us, the fabric’s print and material are equally enchanting.

Here’s all about the fabric, collection, designer, and trendy pieces that can be made using it. Hop in!

Brave Enough To Dream Fabric By Dear Stella

There’s a lot of difference between a regular fabric and a designer fabric. For dressmakers who are brave enough to create statement pieces, nothing less than the best of the designs will do. Here’s where Dear Stella’s creative energy comes into action. 

The creative mind behind the “Brave Enough To Dream” fabric – Dear Stella has incorporated the magical galaxy and forest patterns in this collection. What could be more calming than sewing your way across the night forest fabric with enchaining stars and forest friends? 

You can find other collections from the Dear Stella Boutique at Broadway Fabrics. We ship all over the US at a flat rate of $4. Shop online now!

What To Expect From “Brave Enough To Dream” Fabrics

They say that expectations hurt but the one relating to the “Brave Enough To Dream” collection won’t. We at Broadway Fabrics are determined to provide you with the best fabrics and sewing supplies. 

Here’s what you can expect from our Brave Enough To Dream Collection:

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • 44 to 45-inch width
  • Cool Tones
  • Watercolor Art Prints
  • Luminous Night Sky patterns
  • Startling Galaxy prints
  • Cute Wooden cabin prints
  • Winter Forest Vibes
  • Cute printed forest animals
  • Freaky deals

P.S. – Act WITH Expectations because Broadway Fabrics will never disappoint you.

Broadway Fabrics Top Picks From The Brave Enough To Dream Collection

You know the drill! We love to list down the best sellers and our top favorites from every collection. Listed below are the fabrics from our “brave enough to dream” collection that customers love. Browse from the great selection of prints!                                                                                              

Dark night sky moon fabric, Dear Stella Crescent Moon cotton fabric, QTR YD

Looking for a space-inspired, aesthetic print? Grab the Dark Night Sky Moon fabric from our “Brave Enough To Dream” collection. Featuring the crescent moon and congregations of a dark blue background, this fabric is truly a dream. Get as many you want for your fabric stash. Shop online now!

Bear Bison Cozy cabins, Dreamscape by Dear Stella quilting cotton, QTR YD

All you want is a cabin in the middle of nowhere - printed on your fabric to make the cutest garments and home decor. Featuring cute cabins, hilltops, night sky, and fluffy brown bears, this fabric is a dreamscape for dressmakers and seamstresses. You know want to get it!

Bear Bison Cozy cabins FLANNEL, Dreamscape by Dear Stella, QTR YD

Want to sew something for the cold, cozy winters? Get these bear-bison cabins printed in flannel textile. Yes, you will spot some bison too in this “Brave Enough To Dream” fabric. Invite nature to your home with this adorable flannel fabric. 

Note: This one goes out of stock pretty quickly. Grab yours before it goes away.

Baby Wild Animals FLANNEL, Dear Stella Brave enough to Dream, QTR YD

Want an extra serving of cute prints? The baby wild animal print will be the right flannel fabric for you. Featuring polar bears, brown bears with their cubs, rabbits, bison, and deers, this “Brave Enough To Dream” fabric will make perfect scarves, quilt covers, and a base for sweatshirts.

Note: We make sure to restock it regularly, but grab it before it goes out of stock.

Brave Enough To Dream Fabric By The Yard

Let’s talk size and availability. Our Brave Enough To Dream collection is 44 to 45 inches wide. The collection is available in two materials:

  • 100 % cotton 
  • 100% cotton flannel

The “Brave Enough To Dream” fabric is sold in increments of 1/4 yard. You may choose the yardage by entering the number of quarter yards from the drop-down menu.

For instance - 1 = 1/4 yard, 2 = 1/2 yard, 3 = 3/4 yard, and 4 = one full yard. Each 1/4 yard measures 9" x Width Of Fabric.

Note: We cut all fabric in one continuous piece.

Outfit Ideas Using The Brave Enough To Dream Fabric

If you have made up your mind about getting our “Brave Enough To Dream” collection, you may consider creating these using your magic!

The Celebrity Style

Moon prints are taking over the world! From Beyonce to Kylie Jenner, to Dua Lipa, every celeb seems to love those crescent moon prints. Celebrity fashion is something all of us wish to create but the high-end fabrics and accessories may not always be affordable. Here’s a tip from Broadway Fabrics! Shop our “brave enough to dream collection” starting just from $2.74. 

We recommend the Dark night sky moon fabric, Dear Stella Crescent Moon cotton fabric for the same. 

Toddler & Kid’s Bodysuit

Want to sew a relaxing bedtime outfit for your kids? Consider using the “Brave Enough To Dream Collection”. Kids love animal prints, and toddlers will love adorable in those tiny bodysuits featuring woods and forest friends. Ideal for summers and winters this fabric is available in 100% cotton and flannel.

Werecommendour Bear Bison Cozy cabins, Dreamscape by Dear Stella quilting cotton, and Baby Wild Animals FLANNEL, Dear Stella Brave enough to Dream forthesame.

Frilled Maxi Dress

You can never go wrong with those comfy maxi dresses for the fall and even summers. These dresses are versatile and have been in fashion for ages. 

We recommend the Dark night sky moon fabric, Dear Stella Crescent Moon cotton fabric for this.

Altogether Now

Sewing knows no bounds. While we may love to recommend, you can pick in terms of style, fabrics, and outfits. We hope you create bundles of joy using our “Brave Enough To Dream” fabric collection. Happy Sewing!