Fabric Guide

Fabric Guide

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Fabric Sizes

You may be wondering what are the available fabric sizes. At Broadway fabrics we sell all our fabrics by the yard, which is  a common quilter's metrics. However, in some cases, you may get a Fat Quarter. Check out the table below, to see what they mean: 

Yard Inches
Fat Quarter 18" X 22" 
1/4 Yard 9" X 44" 
1/2 Yard 18" X 44" 
Full Yard 36" X 44"

A Fat Quarter is a quilter's metric that offers a slightly bigger fabric piece. A fat quarter is typically a chunky, almost square-shaped piece of fabric. While a traditional quarter yard measures 9" X 44", a fat quarter is simply a piece cut from crosswise from a half a yard piece of fabric, i.e., 18" X 44" cut into an 18" X 22" (50 cm x 55 cm).

A fat quarter provides versatility for cutting templates, pieces or strips more than the traditional ¼ yards. However, that depends on what you are making. 

All fabric is cut in one continuous piece! If for some reason, one continuous piece is not available, you will be contacted by e-mail to ensure the receipt of separate pieces.

Fabric Types

You'll find the following fabrics in different colors, patterns, designs and prints.

  • Cotton – choose a range of Cotton Lawn, Cotton Sateen, Cotton Solids and Organic Cotton.
  • Dimple Dot Minky
  • Flannel
  • Linen
  • Luxe Cuddle Minky
  • Rayon
  • Organic Knit
  • Canvas
  • Quilt Batting

Knit fabrics are designed from a single yarn braided together resulting into a flexible material. As such, knit fabrics can easily stretch. Pulling such fabric harder reveals empty gaps. Good thing; even if you pull this fabric from all sided it will return to the normal size. Additionally, knit fabrics do not easily form creases - it usually bounces back to its original shapes after folding it. 

There are natural, synthetic and blended materials. We offer all these types of fabrics. However, we major on natural fabrics, specifically cotton. All our blended fabrics feature a high percentage of cotton, which makes them high-quality and functional. We also store a few polyester fabrics.