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Michael Miller Fabrics Collection 

Michael Miller Fabrics is a leading fabric designer in the US - it is home to beautiful designs. The founder, Michael Steiner and Kathy Miller are dedicated to producing designs that stand out in the fabric industry. At Broadway Fabrics, we stock the prettiest, high-quality fabrics from Michael Miller. Browse through our online shelves to unveil the best Michael Miller Fabrics for your next project.

A Comprehensive Range Of Designers

Michael Miller Fabrics are pretty unique collections of fabrics. The company sources the services of 40+ fabric designers and illustrators. Ultimately, this gives rise to a collection of unique fabrics and fabrics that appeal to a wide range of crafters, quilters, and sewists.

Top designers include:

Alicia Jacobs Dujets – an accomplished illustrator with great love for creating collections from tiny and cute to creepy and spooky.

American dream house – founded and managed by Molly, this fabric design house specializes in decor brands for girls & tweens. At Michael Miller, it showcases girly icons, bold prints, and bright colors. Typically, the products are a fun mix of current and retro pop culture images.

Axelle designs – a French designer passionate about patterns. She is a great illustrator who designs patterns for French & English children and women's fashion brands.

British Motor Cars – this fabric features prints of classic cars. Simply put, it highlights a gorgeous and timeless collection of luxurious cars.

Other designers include Betsy Siber, Casey Krimmel, Clara Mcallister, Deane Beesley, Edward Miller, Elise Gravel, Diane Kappa, Emma Schoenberg, etc.

Michael Miller Fabric Collection

We stock the Michael Miller fabric collection because of its intentional notable creative works. These fabrics feature a wide range of designs that harmoniously work together—Shop Michael Miller fabric by the yard at our online store today. We source different design types - stripes, dots, and different print types and color palettes to make it easier to source fabrics for your next project.

These fabrics feature cohesive themes and offer similar prints in a wide range of colorways. Reason? To give sewists, crafters, quilters and DIYers the flexibility when it comes to designing. That is to say; you take Michael Miller designs to stitch our attractive designs.

At Broadway fabrics, we know that sewing projects are a refreshing foray into composition and design, color and shape in unfathomable ways. It might be a considerable exercise for you to find precisely the right match for a particular project. That's why we choose specific fabric collections from Michael Miller fabrics to take the onus off your back to seek out all these pieces. So, you have enough time to focus on your project.

We have a decent range of Michael Miller organic fabric for all your projects. Shop online Michael miller into the woods fabric, Michael miller flock birds navy, and Michael miller blue and white, Michael miller parade fabric

Standout fabric collections at Michael millers are:

Lola Dutch Fabric Collection

Looking for an intriguing fabric for your kids? The Lola Dutch fabric line will definitely raise your kid's curiosity. The collection is full of breathtaking arts and illustrations. The designs utilize a mix of soft pastels but with lots of bright and bold colors. The fabric collection takes its inspiration from the Lola Dutch.

Typically, the picture print flows in their (Sarah Jane and Kenneth Wright) top-selling picture books. Find grand ideas in this book for your next kids' sewing projects. Keep in mind that all the fabric from this manufacturer  are designed from smooth 100% cotton. that makes them durable, versatile and highly breathable.

So, what are you plan to sew or quilt? Use the Michael Miller fabrics alongside the Lola Miller designs for sewing kids apparel, gifts and decorating their rooms. Lola Dutch fabric UK shops offer a wide range of these fabrics too.

Our Top-Seller Lola Miller Designs

At the Library Blue cotton fabric 

This 44 - 45" wide fabric is designed from pure cotton. The fabric is plain aqua blue with sparsely scattered pink prints of lovely girl – Lola Dutch. Find this fabric in pink also. 

Double Border Dress Fabric 

This modern fabric features border prints designs running along both selvedge edges. Such design makes it ideal for making different children apparel.

Parade Border Red Fabric

This is a white fabric with red stripes on the border and a parade of a beautiful young girl and beautiful birds and animals. 

Magic Fabric Collection

These are a delightfully designed fabric collection for a wide range of sewing projects. Shop a range of whimsical designs in different colors - Pink Unicorns, birds and Hares on a navy, cream, white, blue, etc., background. Additionally, some have aqua leaves and metallic gold highlights. All fabrics are 100% Cotton.

Our Top seller Magic Fabrics

Unicorn Magic Fabric

Designed by Sarah Jane, Unicorn Mint Fabric is a pure cotton fabric manufactured by Michael Miller Fabrics; the magic collection is available on Broadway. This pure cotton fabric print is suitable for apparel, quilting and home décor accents. The fabrics are pink, purple, white, yellow, black, blue, and mint green.

Mermaid Pink Fabric 

Want to bring a blossom of mermaids in your home? Shop online this fabric collection at an affordable price.

Carnival Fun Fabric Collection

The carnival fabric Michael Miller fabric collection features a plethora of colorful pure cotton fabrics for different kids projects.

Our Top-Selling Carnival Material

Dabble Dot polka dot cotton fabric

This white fabric with a generous amount of colorful dots across its surface makes a decent choice for your next retro décor project. Besides, you can make a lovely dress for the baby alongside home décor accents.

Blue lion kids fabric 

Kids, especially, boys will be fascinated with the Mane attraction on these fabrics. Its blue color makes it ideal for both boys and girls apparel.

Peter Pan Fabric Collection

We stock the very best of Peter Pan fabric at Broadway fabrics for unique, custom, or handmade pieces. We source these fabrics directly from the manufacturer. That means we offer the best quality. What's your next sewing project?

Our Top-Selling Peter Pan Fabrics

Captain Hook boys fabric 

This fabric will keep reminiscing on your favorite childhood tales. Featuring slate blues, soft peaches, and vintage green against a dull white surface, this fabric panel is ideal for reminiscing childhood tales.

Blue white Peter Pan Tinkerbell cotton fabric

This blue-white fabric features alluring dark blue illustrations of ships cruising in calm waters, swimming ducks and the open cloudy skies through the doors. This is the fabric to select if you want to bring the outdoors to your kid's life. 

The Best of Sarah Jane Fabric Collection

Sarah Jane studios always release attractive and functional; typically, the most popular prints from Sarah's first two collections. These fabrics are hand-picked to showcase the best designs and to build the best designs. This collection can be found in original colors and a new recoloured colourway that reflects a more modern color palette.

Shop these fabrics at Broadway fabrics at affordable prices.

Top selections at our store

Children On Parade panel

A pure cotton fabric panel, 44 - 45" wide, featuring prints of children, some on an elephant, another riding a bike while the other pushing a wheelbarrow. The children are either holding kites or flying balloons in the air. The striking feature is the pinks, purples, blues, yellows and light browns cleverly imprinted on this fabric.

Wonderful World Fabric Collection

Wonderful world is where Michael Miller fabric shines. This collection by  Sarah Jane is not short of creative ideas and illustrations on the fabrics. Talk of helping hands on blue and pink fabrics, friendship illustrations on white and pink fabrics, doves, flowers, etc. Simply put, there is a whole range of creative designs.

So, what can you shop at Broadway stores?

Be A Friend fabric

Find this cotton fabric in turquoise, pink, and white. This fabric will remind you how we are together in this beautiful world. Children on these fabrics show qualities such as Friendship, kindness, courage, peace, and love.

Helping Hands fabrics

Find this fabric in pink and blue. You will be delighted to see those little ones trying to send out help on these fabrics.

What's New - Michael Miller Fabrics

Michael miller employs and partners with hardworking, creative minds.  This means that they offer fabric designs that appeal to a vast majority of fabrics enthusiasts, DIYer sewists and quilters.

Be sure to check out new releases from this manufacturer at Broadway Fabric. 

Why Trust Us For Your Fabric Needs?

High-quality fabrics. Quality products are highly functional; therefore, they make it easier for quilters and sewists to accomplish their projects. Thus, we source only high-quality and genuine fabrics. While most of our stock is pure cotton, we stock a decent amount of Linens, Rayon, and Polyester - all in superior quality.

Multiple fabric types. At Broadway fabrics, we stock all types of fabrics manufactured by Michael Miller Fabrics. Therefore, you can shop by collection or by designer. We ensure that we get as many varying fabrics as possible. We aim to meet the taste and preferences of all our buyers. That is why we constantly refresh our fabric collections to keep you coming.

Affordability. We source our fabrics direct from the manufacturer; so, we offer them at a subsidized price. Additionally, we occasionally offer amazing discounts to our buyers. This further reduces the prices.

Pre-cut fabrics and kits. You can order your favorite Michael Miller Fabric in yards. All fabrics are sold in increments of 1/4 yards. Just enter the quantity in the box - 1 represents 1/4 yards, 2 represents 1/2 yards, etc. You'll receive your fabric in one continuous piece. You can also shop fat quarters and kits sold as part of a specific fabric collection.