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Shannon Fabrics – The Best Way To Make Your World Softer!

Shannon Fabrics are known for their softness – so, if you want to make your world pretty soft, Shannon fabrics is the way to go. Minky & cuddle fabrics from Shannon fabrics are super-soft, making them ideal for baby quilts and kids' projects. However, these beautiful fabric pieces can be used for almost any sewing project in mind – let your imagination be the limit.

At Broadway Fabrics, we stock a massive range of these soft cuddly fabrics. Shop baby Minky fabric or Minky hide fabric at affordable rates. Beyond these two fabrics, our range of products spans the following categories.


This was the first fabric that brought Shannon into the limelight. The high-quality Minky fabric previously was only available in solid colors. However, the collection has expanded to accommodate embossed prints and sparkles, all of which are in tasty flavors. What's more, you can shop double-sided Minky fabrics at affordable rates.

Solids - If you are looking for a smooth fabric with an ultra-soft surface, cuddle solids are your best choice. Additionally, this class of materials is versatile, super durable, and beautiful. These pure polyester fabrics are available in multiple colors, and their shades totaling to 100+ different colors.


Note that embossed fabrics are not prints; instead, they are designs or decorations on the surface of the fabrics. These decorations are raised above the surface in low relief to cause a bulge. These embossments on the fabrics add texture and depth to any project. That's why the Broadway Fabric embossed fabrics line is the best way to take creativity to a new level.


The cuddle print fabric line takes the solid cuddle fabric and adds a range of irresistible prints that will fit different home décor and other sewing projects. Shop animal prints and panels, simple geometry designs,  and anything in between. You can design a fawn baby blanket with the baby Minky blanket fabric. Broadway fabrics is where the wild things are Minky fabric!


A unique sparkly on the supper soft cuddle fabric makes it more eye-catching; thus, it is a lovely fabric piece with various projects. The addition of metallic foil on this quality fabric increases its lifespan.


These are simply pure polyester fabrics in a straightforward format.

Luxe Cuddle

The Luxe Cuddle Minky plush fabric features a bunny-soft surface alongside a plusher higher pile. The features make the fabric suitable for apparel, quilts, baby products, home décor, etc. Also, get these fabrics in three flavors solids, embossed, and prints.

Solids – apart from being similar to the cuddle fabrics, have a higher pile height making them cozier.

Embossed – shop a wide range of textured, embossed surfaces to inject a touch of class, depth, and elegance into your sewing projects.

Prints – shop a variety of prints, including animal-inspired prints, wild colors, and captivating prints. These are visually impressive fabrics.

Faux Fur

The faux fur line features luxurious and elegant high-quality fabrics with a lustrous pile perfect for a wide range of applications. Faux fur apparels such as coats never get out of style. Typically, this fabric is suitable for different applications, including home décor accents, stuffed animals, etc. Shop our wide array of faux fur solids and prints at affordable prices. They are available in:


Choose from a selection of 50+ faux fur solid colors. Be sure to find just about any color you want to use to complement any project, décor, or style. Our top color choices range from classic greys and browns to pinks and neon greens.


Having a unique application? Check out the specialty section. These fabrics will make you stand out from the crowd.


This out-of-the-world is ideal for any creative sewer or quilter. It features inconceivable softness and has an attractive, lustrous pile

Value Furs

Looking for value for your money? Shop online our Value Fur collections. While they feature a high pile, these fabrics are highly affordable. Their shaggy look makes them suitable for costumes and crafts.

Digital Cuddle

Digitally printed fabrics stand out prominently, thanks to the crystal clear prints on the fabrics. We boast of a collection of breath-taking prints on the ever-popular Cuddle Minky plush fabric. Choose from a massive collection of different styles sold by the yard. These are part of continuous prints; select yardage that suits you. Also, you can get them as large panel prints, which are sold as fabric panels

Under this category, you can shop a range of fabrics by the yard and fabric panels—shop florals, animal prints, seasonal designs, etc.

A Rich Collection of Shannon Fabrics at Broadway Fabrics

Looking out to shop quality Shannon Fabrics at Broadway fabric stores? Check out these options. Remember, we continually stock the latest and high-quality fabrics.

Denim blue Llama cuddle fabric

This Fabrics luxurious Luxe Cuddle fabric features a shaggy texture lamb surface, but it is ultra-soft. This fabric features different shades of the same color, which adds depth to various projects. Besides, it makes it easier to match different fabrics. Also, this Luxe Cuddle fabric is excellent for adult and baby wearables and home décors such as pillows and pillowcases, strip quilts, and throws. Shop online this fabric in different colors.  

Deer Minky, Luxe Cuddle Fawn Cappuccino baby blanket fabric

If you are looking for a bunny soft fabric for your next project, look no further than this fabric. This Luxe Cuddle Minky fabric has a chic animal hide embossed design on its surface. Definitely, this confers elegance, a touch of class, and of course, enough depth for most sewing projects. Put it into several uses, including sewing baby blankets, pillows, and quilting.

Ivory Sherpa fur fabric - Shannon Fabrics faux Sherpa fur

This is another quality fabric featuring lamb textured, super-soft surface. Beyond the luxurious, lustrous pile, this fabric is elegant and perfect for a wide range of applications, including home décor, apparel, quilting all baby products. Shop online a comprehensive collection of faux fur prints and solids at affordable prices.

Shannon Fabric New Arrivals

Shannon fabrics designers always have something new every season. At Broadway fabric stores, we refresh our collection every season too. We ensure that you get the latest innovations directly from the manufacturer.

Shop Luxe Cuddle Seal Claret, Luxe Cuddle Alpine Lagoon, and Sparkle Cuddle Glitter Unicorn Lavender/Multi at affordable prices.


At Broadway Fabrics, all these fabrics are  58 - 60" wide, made of 100 % polyester, and sold in increments of 1/4 yard. It's simple to choose yardage; enter a quantity of yardage, i.e., 1 = 1/4 yard | 2 = 1/2 yard, and you'll receive all fabrics in a single continuous piece.

Why shop Shannon fabrics at Broadway fabrics?

Broadway fabrics stocks a genuine collection of Cuddle, Luxe Cuddle, Digital Print Cuddle, Faux Fur, Embrace, and other quality fabrics from Shannon Fabric Stores. Besides, we stock pre-cut fabrics and kits from this manufacturer to ensure that you get everything under one roof.

Also, we refresh our collection by sourcing the New Arrivals whenever the manufacturer offers to sell. Above all, our prices are competitive!

So, shop online today at Broadway Fabrics to begin your next sewing project!