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The Untapped Gold Mine of Fabrics Bundles in the US

Broadway Fabrics in the United States offers a variety of fabric packages that include varying quantities of fat quarters from common collections, as well as matching and complementary fabrics. Fabric Bundles are great for themed crafts and all patchwork quilting projects.

This is an amazing collection of fabric bundles offering unbelievable value. You can make huge savings when you purchase any of our fabric bundles, as they are at a super discounted price. You can get our fabric bundles in two categories – fabric by the yard or fat quarters. Besides, you can order pre-cut fabric bundles or continuous fabric bundles. All these fabric bundles are delicious, but do you know what they mean?

Pre-Cut Fabric Bundles

A pre-cut bundle is a staple to quilters. These fabrics shorten the time you need to cut fabrics. Besides, it offers an affordable way of purchasing an entire fabric collection without leaving a huge dent in your bank.

We offer pre-cuts from designer quilting cotton collections. However, you might find a few polyesters, linen, and rayon bundles. These are just a few exceptions. We understand how fabric manufacturers and designers can get creative and innovative – so, that should not be a surprise.

Top options in our store when it comes to pre-cut fabrics include one Yard Packs and Fat Quarter fabric bundles. However, some manufacturers offer a slightly different name to the pre-cut fabrics, but the sizes are very similar.

Fat Quarter Bundles

Quilting cannot be complete without fat quarter fabrics. These pieces of fabrics are 18″ high by 22″ wide, and were the first specialty cut and still are quilters favorite pieces. But, why are they fat? The fat quarter offers more flexibility when it comes to designing shapes than the traditional ¼ yard fabric.

Ideally, the Fat Quarter (18″ x 22″) gives you a squarer shape but with a similar amount of fabric. It is a full quarter of a fabric yard (36″ x 44″). When you divide a 36″ x 44″ fabric piece into four equal pieces, each one will measure 18″ x 22″. The square is in a much better format; it allows you to cut smaller different shapes – rectangular, squares, or triangles.

We source our fat quarters from top manufacturers – after all, nearly all fabric manufacturers design them. Nearly all Fat Quarter fabric bundles have every print in a collection. However, it is worth noting that the number of prints varies considerably – this also applies to the number of fat quarters in a given bundle.

Fat Eighth Bundles

These categories of fabrics are half of a Fat Quarter. They have a pretty good rectangular shape measuring 9″ high by 22″ wide. You can use these fabric sizes as they are or sub-cut into smaller shapes. Fat eighth bundles also contain pieces of different prints in a collection. However, the number of prints in a collection varies widely.

Fabric by the yard - One Yard, Half Yard, and Quarter Yard Fabric Bundles

These are the most common alternatives you can order from Broadway Fabric stores. Typically, they are standard yardage cuts because all fabrics from our stores are cut in increments of ¼ yardage.

  • Full yard - 36″ x 44″
  • Half a yard - 18″ x 44″
  • Quarter yard – 9’’ x 44’’

Traditionally, a quarter yard fabric is cut from bolt end to bolt end (selvedge to selvedge), resulting in a piece approximately 9″ high x 44″ wide. But that depends on the width of fabric – the majority of fabrics measure 44-45″ wide.

Most quilting fabrics are between 44 and 45 inches wide and are bundled into coordinating prints in one collection. These fabrics are quite specifics, and only a few accomplished manufacturers offer them – for instance, Riley Blake Fabrics and Penny Rose Fabrics have the widest offerings. Similarly, you can get the best options from Moda Fabrics, Art Gallery Fabrics,  and Dear Stella Fabrics.

A single bundle might offer many varieties in different cuts. Of course, the price varies with the number of cuts you receive in a fabric bundle – the more the number, the higher the price. Practically, we have endless possibilities at Broadway fabrics. Shop these fabrics and use them for various projects that require standard yardage cut – ¼, ½, ¾, or a full yard. 

Broadway Fabric - Top Choice Fabric Bundles

Our fabric bundles have been hand-picked and curated, especially for you! Fabric cannot be substituted since each package is pre-cut. Shop Holiday specific bundles such as Halloween fabric bundles or Spooky n Sweeter 10 piece Halloween fabric. Still, there is a whole range of other fabric bundles such as Kismet Fabric Bundle, Wild & Brave Fabric Bundle and many others.

It can be difficult to find the right fabric for your project, particularly when there are so many options. We make it easy for you to get started on your new project, so you can spend more time designing and less time looking. We've hand-picked unique fabrics with our eye for attractive prints and patterns to make incredibly colorful and complimentary fabric packages. Pre-cut fabric bundles, scrap packs, and coordinated quilt kits are all available. Shop Fabric Bundles to show off your innovation.