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Fabric Panels

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Quality, Unique and Striking Fabric Panels at Affordable Rates!

There are different ways to use fabric panels. You can make wall hangings, quilts, bags, table toppers, pillowcases, and other sewing projects.

Every sewist knows that a fabric panel is a fun way to make anything – craft projects, wall hangings, or making a quilt. Depending on your skills and needs, you can use a fabric panel as a whole piece, e.g., a tree picture, or cut it apart to make quilt blocks.

What's a fabric panel

Typically, a fabric panel is simply a piece of fabric that features a print used as a whole. For instance, a fabric may print a tree, animal(s), numbers & other characters, food, fruits, etc. So, a panel fabric is a large piece of fabric for quilting with images printed on it, making it a beautifying centerpiece for all quilting projects.

Fabric panels vary in size – but on a typical standard, Broadway Fabric offers fabric panels measuring 35" X 45".  Generally, you'll find these panels at an approximate size of  24" to 36" wide and 42" high.  But they can be in different sizes and shapes to partake in different projects. All our fabrics are digitally printed, which gives them more realistic, color-saturated images.

We offer so many fabric panels. Now, while using the panels, make it the center of your quilt and add creative borders. Adding a little batting and support is a pretty straightforward way to make quilts; even newbies can do this.

Some beginner quilting panels are designed to create aprons, stuffed animals, placemats, etc.

A Range of Choices

If you need fabric panels for making quilts, we have them in stock, and they come in a variety of themes that work faultlessly as centerpieces in stellar wall hangings, placemats, and table runners. Adding borders or sashing to expand the panels into large projects is easier now. In short, quilting fabric panels make accomplishing tasks easier and quicker.

Fabric Panel Ideas

There are many things you can do with our fabric panels. If you shop online a fabric panel with one image, you can make excellent play mats and wall hangings. To make a nice wall hanging, you'll need to add a border, a binding, and a rod pocket. Still, you can frame it to make an admirable instant wall décor. Note that single-image fabric panels are great for making Tote bags.

For a panel with many images, place it in the following uses:

  • Table setting – design table runners or placemats
  • Pocket making on aprons– make a decorative pocket on your plain apron; cut an image and stick it.
  • Coordinating pillows – add the coordinating fabric to the pillow back and stuff with pillow foam. 

Are you looking for quality fabric panels?

Click Broadway Fabrics to check out the massive collection of fabric panels for different occasions. We regularly update our online shelves with quality and the latest fabrics from top manufacturers. Here are some panels you'll find on our online shelves:

These are fantastic pieces and incredibly easy to use. So, if you want to decorate your home without doing much work, these are the right panels to use.

Our top choice manufacturers are:

  • Moda Fabrics
  • Michael Miller Fabrics
  • Ruby Star Society 
  • Art Gallery Fabrics
  • Robert Kaufman Fabrics
  • Windham Fabrics.... and others

While some panels work well alone, others work in combination. Select these panels based on your skills and what you need to create.

Get creative with our high-quality pure cotton fabrics. Create personalized gift items and home décor at affordable rates.

Shop Broadways fabrics now!