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Take Advantage Of Fabric Panel

Broadway Fabrics are a major producer of quilting and sewing cotton fabrics, as well as a wholesale supplier to the quilting, sewing, home decor, and clothing industries. It's important to us that we keep our inventory supplied and up to date with consumer trends and what our consumers want for personal or commercial use.

Quilts, wall hangings, sheets, aprons, and placemats can all be made with fabric panels. While the original artwork has straight outlines, the printing and finishing processes will cause some of the lines to twist.

Fabric panels are 24” to 36” wide and 42” tall, with a width of 24” to 36”. It's easy to use and will undoubtedly motivate the next artistic endeavour. Many sewing panels are sold in kits, making them easy to buy, build, and offer.

What is a fabric panel?

There are several different types of panels available, but Broadway fabrics uses the WOF 44-45” and a 36"repeat to produce large designs. Instead of a typical repeat, these panels feature exclusive designs in various parts large enough to be used for wall hangings, quilts, wall art, totes, and more!

No, not all Broadway fabrics panels are the same; some have six parts with different designs, some have one wide design, and some have double bordered panels.

What is the difference between the various fabric panels?

Fabric panels come in a variety of styles and colours. It depends entirely on what you want to make next for your project. There is something for everyone at Broadway Fabrics, which offers over 20 fabric panels in a variety of designs, from painterly floral to colourful summer prints, and even loads of choices for kids.

What kinds of things can I create with fabric panels?

All the lovely projects you can make with the aid of various beautiful fabric panels! You can make quick and simple projects with it because of its large bits. Including quilts to clothing, Fabric Panels and Cushion Panels

Designers may let their imaginations run wild with our fabric panels and cushion panels, which often feature larger scenes that are specifically crafted to be the focal point of a quilt. You can make a patchwork quilt faster by using a fabric panel, and you can adjust the size of the finished quilt by using different sizes of borders and sashings. Beginners will love fabric panels, and more seasoned sewers will love how simple they are to create. There are plenty of great projects to choose from, including advent calendars, stockings, organisers, and bunting.

The make-up instructions are written on the side of each cover. Fabric panels may be used to make quilts, wall hangings, blankets, aprons, and placemats. The panels come in multiple sizes. Fabric panels range in size from 24 to 36 inches wide and 42 inches tall, with a width of 24 to 36 inches. It's easy to use and will undoubtedly motivate the next artistic endeavour. Contact us now to take the advantage of this opportunity.