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The Best Camper Prints – Chop It Like It’s Hot Fabrics

Money cannot buy everything but it can certainly buy a camper-print fabric to create wonderful sewing projects with. Create statement pieces with the “Chop It Like It’s Hot” fabrics! Inspired by woods, adventures, and the camper trolley, this fabric will make your sewing projects stand out.

P.S. - Down below, we have included details about the collection, our top picks and some sewing ideas to enhance your closet. Get ready to Chop It Like It’s Hot!

Dear Stella’s Chop It Like Its Hot Fabric

The creative mind behind this eye-satisfying, indigo fabric collection is Dear Stella. She as a designer always comes up with fashionable and vibrant prints, and ooh, the names of her design is beyond creative!

The “Chop it Like Its Hot” Dear Stella fabric seems to be inspired by camping and its bewitching adventures. The cool tones used in the fabrics – shades of blue seem to depict the dark skies and bright starts of the camping night.

Before we take you through our top picks and creative project ideas using the Chop it Like It’s hot fabric collection, here’s an acknowledgement. We, at Broadway Fabrics appreciate the art and skill of dressmakers and fabric designers. We are dedicated to providing you with the best of fabrics and sewing supplies. Shop online for the “Chop it Like Its Hot” collection and other fabrics from the Dear Stella boutique exclusively at Broadway Fabrics. We do a flat $4 shipping all over the US.

Broadway Fabric’s Top Picks From The “Chop It Like It’s Hot” Collection`

You got wood prints? If not, we can arrange for some wood-inspired fabrics! Featuring Broadway Fabrics best ones from the “Chop it Like It’s Hot” collection. Because the best seamstress chops the top fabrics to create statement pieces!

Alert! Blue lovers, it’s hard to resist these cool-tone fabrics with the cutest camp-inspired prints.

Navy White Camping Gear fabric - Dear Stella Got Wood? QTR YD

Navy blue is the cool version of black! One can never go wrong with fabrics of this shade. To make things even better Dear Stella incorporated white-colored camping elements to this fabric. Featuring the woods, tents, lantern camp fire, camping tools, and the night sky in one fabric, this piece from the “chop it Like It’s hot” collection is an essential for camping lovers. It’s amazing how warm-toned elements like wood, and fire gel equally well with the cool tones of this fabric.

Note: As much we may associate cute prints with women, men particularly love this fabric. That’s the reason why it goes out of stock in a blink. Grab yours now!

Navy Wood Grain forest fabric - Dear Stella Wood Grain cotton QTR YD

Remember those animated series where the color of the night would be shades of inky blue rather than black? This entire “Chop it like it’s hot” fabric collection seems to be inspired by the animated night skies. Wood, rather chopping wood is essential for camping. It would be unfair for a camper – inspired fabric-collection to not have wood prints. Featuring sleak wood grain patterns on an ink-blue background, this is the best cool-tone wood print you will ever find.

Navy White Camper fabric - Dear Stella Chop It Like Its Hot QTR YD

Good things come to those who camp and the best sewing projects are made by those who use the camper-print fabrics. Jammed with cute little campers on a white background this cutie from the “Chop it Like It’s Hot” collection will make the most favourite camp-inspired outfits and home decor.

The “Chop It Like Its Hot” Collection By The Yard  

Each fabric is about 44 to 45  inches wide.  All our “chop it like its hot collection” is made of 100% quilting cotton.

We sell fabric in increments of 1/4 yard. You may choose the yardage by entering the quantity of quarter yards from the drop down menu.

For instance, 1 = 1/4 yard, 2 = 1/2 yard, 3 = 3/4 yard, and 4 = one full yard. Each 1/4 yard measures 9" x  width of fabric.

Note: All fabric is cut in one continuous piece.

Sewing Adventures With Broadway Fabric’s “Chop It Like It’s Hot” Collection                                                    

If you are a regular, you know we love to recommend! Check out these modern styles that you can create the unique print of the “Chop It Like It’s Hot” fabric collection. P.S – Broadway Fabrics never compromises with the quality of its fabrics and sewing supplies. Our “chop it like it’s hot” collection is made of 100% quilting cotton, making it ideal for garment and decor making.

Men’s Shirt

If you make your and your family’s garments, you know that dudes are the toughest ones to sew for. Well, not that they are trying to act difficult, but them linking a print is a one in a million thing! The chop it like it’s hot shirt is the perfect fabric for men’s shirt and even other apparels. Men like blue, and that’s the tint our “chop it like it’s hot” fabric is all about.

Plan to make a formal shirt? We recommend our  Navy Wood Grain Forest Fabric for the same.

Kitchen Decor

Don’t all of us adore those cute, printed kitchen curtains, tea mats and table clothes? Well, if not all, at least quite a few of us! Create your own kitchen decor with the cool, indigoy prints of the “chop it like its hot” collection. Believe us, the chop it like its hot kitchen decor will not be a hit in a miss.

Kitchen Towels

Got leftover fabric? What would be a better utility than those versatile kitchen towels?! They require little-to-no sewing and will make perfect dish towels for your kitchen. Tea lovers, let’s make some chop it like its hot tea towels! Or how about simply making chop like it’s hot dish towels?

Iron Board Cover

Have you noticed that most of the iron board covers are blue? That cannot be coincidence! Got a burnt or distressed iron board? Keep Calm! The durable “Chop it like it’s hot” fabric is made of 100% quilting cotton. It will make the perfect, camp-inspired iron board cover for you. 

 We hope you will love shopping from our collection. Ready Thready Sew!