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Best Vanity Fur Collection from Dear Stella Fabrics Catalog

We understand that buying fabrics and choosing designs when shopping for home décor or your next big clothing project can be a long and difficult process, but it can be made a little easier if you know what color scheme or theme you have narrowed down. Narrowing the categories of colors and themes can greatly help you make the final call, but trust us, it is not the only way to choose the best. Today, we will provide you with a few quick pointers in your checklist for buying the best fabric and design for your décor or dress.

Top 8 Tips When Choosing a Fabric: H2

Following are some great tips and techniques when choosing clothing and décor fabric.

  1. Fabric Quality:

Feeling the fabric will tell you a lot about the final product if it is the one you are looking for, and after then you can start selecting the material of the fabric. The quality will be much better if you don't find any blemishes as you don’t want these in the finished product.

  1. Weight Consideration:

Measuring the weight of the fabric can tell you about the thickness of the fabric and eventually the final stitched product. While organza and chiffon are the lightest fabrics, velvet and sateen can be a bit on the heavier side. Finally, wool felt, and denim is the heaviest of the bunch.

A jean will look best with denim and provide you with the best sturdiness; if you are buying fabric for a dress, you want the lighter ones in the summers and medium to heavier ones for the winter primarily because of the heat they allow or retain to keep cool during summers and warm during winters. This choice will also depend on how comfortable you are with heavier fabric clothes or, for that matter, the curtains of your home.

  1. Considering the Drape:

You must consider the drape when buying curtains, as it is quite difficult to design the curtains if the fabric is stiff and will have less drape, making it difficult for you to stitch them in the shape you want.

A similar thought process should be applied when choosing a piece of fabric for your dress and skirt. To put it simply, you should choose a stiffer and thicker fabric if you are considering a formal and a steadier skirt. If you like the skirt fitting close to you while flowing naturally, you should choose a well-draping fabric that should be thinner than most fabrics.

  1. Shrinking Fabrics:

Always be knowledgeable that fabrics like cotton need to be washed first as they shrink the first time they contact them. So wash them as soon as you buy them before you start working on them. If you are not careful, your measurement might be wrong when eventually you do wash them.

  1. Finding The Best Store:

With the covid-19, online shopping boomed where people would buy most stuff online as most unessential shops weren’t allowed to open. This trend has stayed even though now it is much safer than before. Still, it isn't easy to find a trusty store with the best quality and collection. We take pride in keeping the best quality designs in our store, so please check our full catalog of fabrics and designs.

  1. Considering the Theme:

Choosing the theme is the most important step in the buying of fabrics. You should know what color scheme you will keep in your home or what outfit combinations you will try with this new fabric. Our store provides you with many great options for different themes and forms a good number of options from different suppliers and designers that we are sure you will find more than one theme that you will take a fancy to. You can read more about one of our best collections below in our best Vanity Fur collection.

  1. Keep in Mind Wear/Tear:

All fabrics will eventually wear and tear. While curtains and quilts take a long time to require washing, bed sheets and sofa fabrics are used more than others, so keep the type of fabric strength in mind before buying.

  1. Stretching Quality of Fabrics:

The stretching quality of the fabric is important if you are considering your clothes as you want to design a dress that will fit perfectly with your body. This quality is also important for certain furniture whose designs require you to fit the fabric in curves which a stretching fabric will do best.

Our Best Vanity Fur Collection from Dear Stella Fabric: H2

If you are looking for the best designs with many smaller patterns filling the fabric, Vanity Fur is the best collection for you. Following are some of the best designs from this collection manufactured by Dear Stella Fabric.

Cool Dogs This quilt cotton fabric has cute little furry dogs looking cool with their glasses on with a grey background giving it the feel of fitting in with most color themes. A good option for a tablecloth, among other things, if you have kids and they love dogs.

Cool Cats We also have cool cats wearing glasses are in our designs too. These cute and cuddly little furry creatures can be a great addition to your home, especially your kids' room.

Dog Walk Another great design for pet lovers, especially those who can walk them every day. This fabric has a beautiful city full of trees and duck ponds surrounded by owners walking their dogs in the street. This fabric can be a great addition to your kids’ even though most dog walkers in the design are girls and women.

Order the Best Vanity Fur Patterns Today!

Our Vanity Fur patterns and designs are a collection of fabric designs from the Dear Stella Fabric line that have the best colorful designs and patterns with the best quality. You can order these fabrics by the yards. Visit our main page for this month’s promo code for the best discounts if you are buying less than 10-15 yards.