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Various Ways to use Moda Grunge Fabric to give your home an aesthetic look

Decorating a house is no easy job. Everything has to go hand in hand, from the correct color contrast to matching your vibe. Your house represents you, and hence you should be quite particular about the colors and things you choose for it. While you have a theme and a décor in mind executing it can be a huge task. From going shopping to finding the right colors and materials for the fabric to thinking about ways to utilize them at their best.

However, we might make things easier for you. How so? Well, here at Broadway Fabrics, we have a bunch of amazing materials which not only can be utilized in many ways but makes your house look aesthetically pleasing too.

One such fabric happens to be Moda Grunge. While the name 'grunge' may make it seem a little off track for something representing beauty when you first hear it. However, the grunge colors and the fabric's material are definitely among the best.

Here are some ideas on utilizing the Moda grunge fabric and making your house look amazing.

 Why Choose Moda Grunge Fabric?

Moda grunge fabric is a great way to elevate your house décor by using it to highlight minor details or smaller materials that usually go unnoticed. While this piece of cloth is simple in color, its textured surface adds a very chic and trendy look. Using it for various purposes around your house makes your inner settings look more appealing, and that too on a budget. Like who doesn't want minor details highlighted in the best money possible, right?

If you still want some assurance, here are some reasons why a Moda grunge fabric will be the best thing to use for various purposes.

 Vibrant and Attractive:

The Moda grunge fabric is a basic colored material with a textured surface. While it may not have the brightest color, the fabric is still vibrant enough to have the tendency to become eye-catching at a first glance. Hence, using this fabric for either big or small details in your house will be worth the use.

It will be eye-catching because of its appearance, and the colors, if used well with the other contrasts in your house, will add to the overall details.

 Durability and Quality:

One thing which we all are very particular about when investing in something is whether it will be worth the money you are putting in for it. Materials and fabrics which start losing their charm after a few weeks of use are a no-go. However, you don't have to worry about our Moda Grunge material. These fabrics have the best quality, and they definitely will hold their attractiveness even after hundreds of rounds in your washing machine.

 Various Uses:

One of the best things about this fabric is the fact that it can be used for various purposes. This fabric is plain monotonous yet appealing, and hence you can be used for many different purposes from your table mats to your pillowcases.

You just need to put the right thought and choose the right color; the Moda fabric will take care of the remaining job.

 Our Best Moda Grunge Fabrics and how they can be used:

Now that we've convinced you why a Moda Grunge Fabric is a great material, here are some of our top picks here at Broadway Fabrics:

 Grey Grunge fabric by QTR YD:

While this basic grey fabric may seem dull to some, this gorgeous piece can definitely elevate about any room if used correctly. Grunge fabrics are cotton materials and go perfectly well with other cotton contrasts.

This particular piece of fabric can be used for a variety of purposes. It can work as a table napkin or table mats on the dining table. It will make some great cushion covers for your living room, and if used alongside with bright colors like yellow or black, it will appear even more appealing.

If you want this basic grey fabric to be prominent, you just need to make sure you choose the right contrasts alongside it; if you are confused on how to do that, a Moda grunge fabric color chart will always help you evaluate that.

 Ocean blue Grunge fabric by QTR YD:

This bright blue grunge fabric will definitely give a fresh feel to the room it is placed in. The color blue is known to give a soothing and calming effect, and hence using it in the house is a great option.

This fabric is a great material for many different uses. To start with your curtains. The ocean blue cotton curtains will provide your room with a lively and fresh appearance. It will also allow just the right amount of sunlight to pass through and give an overall appealing look.

 Winter white Grunge fabric by QTR YD:

White, while it isn't the brightest color, it holds the ability to highlight every other aspect of the room. The white grunge fabric can be used for some basic household décor and items.

To begin with your dining table, the white cotton piece can be used as table mats and table napkins. It will make the dinner table look rather sophisticated and posh. Moving onto the living room, the white grunge fabric can be used in cushions, throw pillows and upholstery. Pairing the white contrast with another neutral or bright color will add an attractive and aesthetically pleasing look to the room.

 Pink Orange Salmon Rose Grunge fabric by QTR YD:

This gorgeous shade which happens to be a fusion of salmon pink and oranges, is a game-changer for your house decoration. The color is so beautiful that it can be utilized in every other aspect of your house.

From curtain to pillowcases and bedsheets, use this pink fabric in all and watch your house appear even more eye-appealing.


Colors and fabrics can either make your home decor game strong or break it. Hence making sure you use the right colors and materials when changing the setting of your house is very important.

Create a space that isn't overly done and give off some calm and pleasing look to the eyes. Your home is the space you come to relax, and hence the vibe it gives off should be the same too.