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How to use our Bee Fabric to elevate your room or space in no time?

Tired of looking at a dull room or an empty wall and want to try something different? Have you ever thought about enhancing the look of a space with something related to bees?

Honey Bees have been buzzing around, thriving in their hives for a long time. However, while the creatures tend to sting when angry, which makes people a little afraid of them, they are a great space enhancer for sure.

The honey bees have a beautiful colour contrast that, when implemented on a piece of fabric and placed anywhere, tends to elevate and brighten that space up.

If you want some great bee print fabric, check us out and use these great ideas below to spice up your space and make it look bee-uatiful.

 Ways you can use a Bee Fabric in your home:

Using something related to or in contrast with bees can be a little out of the comfort zone for many. While it may not be very common, using a bee fabric with the perfect colour contrasts and the right design may be enough to elevate a previously dull room.

If your child is attracted to bees already, then using this fabric to accessorize their room is also a plus.

  1. Bumble Bee Stripe Table Mats:

Spice up your dinner tables with some cute bumble bee stripe table mats. Our bumble bee fabric can elevate your dinner table and add a pop of colour. The bee strip lines are decent enough to be put up while you have guests or use them for everyday purposes.

  1. Shower Curtains:

Showering isn’t always fun and games when younger ones are involved and can be quite a hectic job. However, if your kid is obsessed with bees, adding some themed curtains to their bathroom may make the job a bit easier for you.

The curtains might motivate them to step into the shower more often and slightly cut down on the crankiness.

  1. Bee Fabric Wall Art:

Do you have a dull wall at home that you want to put something over on? You want something unique but don’t know what? How about some wall art, then? Our Navy Bee Garden cotton fabric has the perfect colour and designs to elevate a dull wall and give some colour to your room.

  1. Bee Themed Rugs and Door Mats:

While most people use rather plain doormats, some like to go all out. We encourage you to get a bee print fabric doormats or rugs if you are among this category.

When placed outside your front door, the doormats will be a highlight to all the incoming guests and will define your unique style to them. The rugs, on the other hand, can be a cute addition to your kids or your room.

  1. Pillow Cases and Comforters:

Considering our bee cotton fabric is 100 percent cotton, it is the best choice for pillowcases and comforters. Not only will the print make some really cute pillowcases and duvets while adding some vibrancy and a burst of colour to your room, but they are extremely comfortable too.

Our Best Bee Fabric for you to use:

While we have given you some amazing ideas on incorporating our bee fabric, how about discussing the best honey bee fabric for you to choose from? We offer a great range of beautiful fabrics and prints, and we are sure you will fall in love with a few.

This print is a consumer favorite. The navy blue background with very subtle and cute hives and bees print can be used for various purposes. You can make a duvet out of this beautiful print or get matching pillowcases sewn.

If you want to go all out because you are attracted to it so much, a bee-uatiful beach dress is always an option.

The beautiful light pink can be a great option for your baby girl’s room. This can be incorporated in a curtain set considering its light colour, which will allow just enough light to pass through.

Apart from this, the print is so subtle that it will fit well without seeming as too overdone.

This design is a living room favorite. Use it as a cushion case to add a pop of colour to your plain living room sofas. While cushions may be a good option, they will look just as amazing as your table mat.

Put it on your dining table during meals and elevate your dinner table look for guests or family.

Definitely a design that catches the eye. The blue background and a whirlpool of various designs are what make this fabric stand out. Hence, this is a perfect go-to wall art for you to put up.

The design is catchy yet unique and is the perfect way to spice up your dull wall.

Conclusions – Why should you choose our fabric?

While we might have convinced you to add some bee designs around your house. Along with which of our fabrics are the top picks and worth a buy. Let’s convince you about why our fabrics should be your number one pick.

To start off, not only do the bee designs give a uniquely different vibe. They also come in a lot of various designs for you to choose from. The designs are one thing, but the wide range of colours is also a plus. It adds some catchy and attractive looks to your house. The quality, on the other hand, is great and, the fabrics you receive are definitely strong and long-lasting.

If these aren’t enough reasons and options to convince you, we suggest you take a thorough look at our fabrics yourself. We are sure our beautiful designs will change your mind.