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For its softness, durability, and anti-bacterial properties, linen is loved by all fabric fairies. From comfy and stylish summer outfits to beautifully decorated homewares, linen can rock your world. As compared to other fabrics, linen has been getting very popular and in demand, due to its excessive use. People prefer linen fabric in wearables such as shirts, pants, formal wear, and even in comfy lingerie. Also, it's used in homeware and decor applications too. Before buying, you must be curious about how this fabric feels. Also, Can something go in style along with being super comfortable? Well, let's take you through that.

What is Linen Fabric?

Linen is a fiber that is basically obtained from the plant called the flax plant. The fibers from the flax plant are carefully extracted and further subjected to a process that ends up providing you with the superbly comfortable and durable fabric, which we call Line fabric.

What makes it incredible to wear in summers is that it dries so quickly. That's why people prefer wearing linen in hot and humid climates. Linen is almost similar to cotton but what makes it a little different is unlike cotton, it doesn't retain moisture for a notable period.

Check out Broadway's Wide range of Linen Fabric

At Broadway, we stock plenty of varieties of Linen Fabric from top manufacturers on our online shelves. Different colors that are pleasant to the eyes and various patterns that can rock your decor jobs, we have all in just one place. If you are finding fabric for the clothing line or homeware applications, you can go for Broadway's linen fabric collection. 

From the beautiful collection of Essex linen, including Essex yarn-dyed linen black and Robert Kaufman Essex linen, you can avail all at Broadway fabrics.

Plain Linen Fabric

We have a collection of plain linen fabrics in beautiful colors that are pleasing to the eyes. All these are perfect to use in homeware applications. 

The colors in the collection include Sand, White, Grey, Dusty Peach, Shades of Grey, Black, Aqua, Midnight Dark Blue, Purple Eggplant, Willow Green, Slate, Plum, Pewter, Brown, Orange, Cream, Kelly Green, Leather, Ruby Red, Grayish-Olive and much other light and dark shades of neutral colors. If we see, these colors are mostly very pleasing and neutral in shades that are usually used in decorating luxurious and royal rooms or lounges. 

These fabrics can be used in curtains, bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, towels, bath towels, wallpapers, table cloths, etc. Other than homeware applications, these fabrics can be used in making formal wear such as skirts, blazers, shirts, trousers, and suits.

Printed Linen Fabric

Other than luxurious plains, we have beautifully patterned linens, which are from the amazing collection of Robert Kaufman Fabrics. 

The printed ones include Charcoal gray leaf print cotton linen fabric, Daisy field black linen fabric, Black pepper modern speck Quarry Trail linen fabric, Champagne coral leaf linen fabric, FAT QUARTER - Black pepper modern speck Quarry Trail linen fabric, Seafoam blue modern waves fabric, Teal modern waves linen fabric, & Cadet blue modern speck cotton linen. 

These pretty clothing can definitely be used for designing summer outfits, funky homewares, bed sheets, pillowcases etc.

Why Broadway Fabrics?

If we talk about the quality, there is not even a tiny compromise in the quality. If you’ve tuned to Broadway Fabrics, remember, you’ll never get those standard clothing. At Broadway Fabrics, we stock premium-quality linen clothing. You can check out the whole range of other varieties too, including 100% premium quality cotton clothes.

Straight from the bolt, the piece of required fabric is cut and gets shipped in 1-2 business days. Isn’t it wow!

So, fabric fairies! get your hands on one of the finest collections of best line fabric for clothing at Broadway Fabrics.

Go for Broadway Fabrics. Happy sewing!

May 4th 2022 Broadwayfabrics

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