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 Online Valentine’s Day Fabric For The Perfect Handmade Gift

Where there is love, there is life, and to stay safe if you plan to celebrate this Valentine’s Day at home, you are doing the right thing. You may be low-key disappointed as making the day special for your loved one at home may seem intimidating. Sure, those romantic outings and surprises are great, but who said your very own house can not have that charm? Now is the time to make use of those DIY art and sewing lessons as Valentine’s Day Fabrics have come to your rescue. Be it Valentine’s Day party or a romantic date with your special someone, the correct proportion and use of these Valentine’s Day fabrics will make the perfect evening for you. Wondering how? Just dive in!

Why Choose Valentine’s Day Fabric Online?

Well, the real question is why not? Valentine’s Day calls for special gestures, and what could be more special than a handmade gift. And when you have dedicated to staying home, why not get the best, custom-made Valentine’s Day fabric online? Besides, you have got a tonne of options ranging from making those cute little cushions, to an embroidered scarf, to a cozy patchwork quilt, to a custom-made valentine’s dress for you and your loved one.

Something handmade is so much more meaningful, isn’t it? Just think of how special your beloved one would feel knowing that you put your heart and soul into creating something outstanding just for them.

You landing into this blog already means that you are making up your mind to get Valentine’s Day Fabric and if the above compels you more and you are not sure where to stock these fabrics from, Broadway Fabrics has got you covered! We offer you a platform through which you can pick from a wide range of top Valentine’s Day Fabrics that have been crafted carefully, keeping all your tastes and requirements in mind. And that is not it! All US orders have a shipping charge of a flat $4, now that is a freaky deal, isn’t it? After all, it is Love Day, and we can not let you down in any way!

How Can Valentine’s Day Fabric Be Used?

As far as using the pretty, aesthetic Valentine’s Day Fabric is concerned, it typically depends on what you want to create out of them. The most common DIY gifts happen to be scarves and cushions. Here’s how you can use Valentine’s Day Fabrics to make them:


The best thing about scarves is that they occupy little to no wardrobe space so that you can have as many you wish. Now, since it's Valentine’s Day and you have to take care of things like food and decoration as well, the scarf needs to be special yet easy to make. Here’s how –

  • You would require Valentine’s Day Fabric that is 22 – 24 inches wide and 70-75 inches long
  • You can use threads of the same color as the fabric, or different bold colors. Metallic threads can also be used
  • Cut the fabric in the above-mentioned dimensions and use a hemmer to hem the edges
  • For the bottom edges, you may either let it be the way it is or embellish it with fringes or tassels
  • Alternatively, you can also take a different fabric and cut out 2 inch wide strips according to the length of your scarf and sew it along the border of the scarf
  • Since its winters, you may also layer the entire scarf by sewing two equal pieces of fabric

And that is it! Quick and easy. Cute Valentine’s Day fabric and your art is just the right blend for a handmade scarf.


Well, technically, you will only need to make the cushion cover as most probably, you already have the cushion pad. To make quick easy cushion covers, follow these steps:

  • First things first, measure the cushion
  • Now, to each measurement, add 3 cm to allow a 1.5 cm seam
  • Mark this area on the fabric using a dressmaker’s chalk twice (one for the front side of the cover and the other for the backside)
  • Now, the slightly complex part – pin the edges of the two fabrics together (back &front) on the four corners first and then on the three sides. Do not forget to tack in 1.5 cm for the seam
  • Leave one side open as that is where you will be sliding your cushion pad in
  • Machine stitch on the tacking at least twice to secure the ends
  • You are pretty much done, just slip in the cushion pad and using a needle and thread sew the opening if you wish to. It may be left open too

Surely requires a little hard work, but hey! It’s worth your time.

Broadway Fabric’s Top Three Valentine’s Day Fabric

A special gift requires the best of the resources and that’s why it’s only fair to buy the most popular and the best Valentine’s Day Fabric for your special DIY gesture. You may consider buying these top picks from Broadway fabrics:

  • True Love Heart Fabric – flaunting the passionate shades of pink, greys, and royal blue
  • Growing Hearts Fabric – featuring the signature valentine shades of red, blue, and green
  • Hugs & Kisses Fresh Fabric – showcasing the digital lingo of warm hugs and kisses

While these of course are our most loved Valentine’s Day Fabrics, options aren’t just limited to them. You can choose from a range of carefully picked fabrics that exactly fits your needs.

Altogether Now,

We hope this write-up was able to provide insights on using Valentine’s Day fabrics in ideal ways. Yes, it’s handmade and at home, but guess what, that’s what these times require. So go ahead and create your handmade gesture with love and of course the right fabric. Happy sewing!

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