Everything You Need To Know About Quilting Fabrics

Are you a budding seamstress and love fabric sewing & quilting? You have landed on the right blog! If you are interested in exploring all about quilts and quilting fabric, we have jotted down some of the most useful insights. We have covered aspects like meaning, history, things to know, questions, and some sewing suggestions on quilting fabrics. Dive In!

What Is A Quilting Fabric?

In simple terms, a quilting fabric can be any material that is used for making a quilt. In most cases the material used is 100% quilting cotton, however, it may have slight variations too.

If you are wondering how heavy such fabrics are, typical quilting cotton is a medium-weight fabric. Again, this is not absolute because light-weight quilting cotton is available in the market too. While quilting fabrics are mainly used for sewing quilts, they can also be used for making home decor and other sewing projects.

History Of Quilting Fabric - Early Quilts

What makes each fabric different from the other is its sewing pattern and techniques. In quilting, the fabrics are sewn together in layers.

Early quilts, or quilting fabric, for that matter, are said to be associated with the soldiers who wore thick quilted fabric under their armor during harsh weather.

North America’s quilting traditions were so famous back in the day that quilted garments and bedding were sent across countries like France, Italy, and England. The earliest American quilts were made of calamancos, glazed wool, and were layered with wool batting.

Can Quilting Fabric Be Used For Garment-making?

The straightforward answer to it is “Why Not?” You are the creator here, and you can make garments out of any fabric you like.

Go for cotton quilting fabric. Quilting fabrics made of 100% cotton are well suited for hot weather because it breathes. If you are planning on making some casual home outfits, quilting fabric will be suitable for it.

As far as the prints of the quilting fabrics are concerned, usually small-scale prints work well. Last, but not least, you may have added lining to the garments because light-colored quilting fabrics can be see-through.

P.S. - A quilting fabric may look and feel different from regular dress-making fabrics. But if that is what you want, go for it! Sew what you love!

Things To Know While Using Quilting Fabric

To derive the best benefits from your quilting fabric, you must know a few things. Hop in!

  • Do not pre-wash your quilting fabric while making puckered, soft quilts
  • If clothing is what you are planning on sewing with the quilting fabric, definitely pre-wash and dry the fabric to get all the shrinkage out before sewing
  • Pro Tip – Whenever you are dressmaking, always wash the fabric except for silk and wool.
  • For a professional look press, all seams while sewing a quilting fabric
  • If you want to soften your quilting fabric, consider soaking it in a fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and then use it for sewing.

Answers To The 3 Most Asked Quilting Questions

If you are a budding dressmaker, or a first-timer using quilting fabrics, you must have questions like “How to quilt fabric?” or “how much fabric do I need for a quilt?” or” How to cut fabric for quilting?”.

It’s totally normal to be a little confused and have queries. Listed below are the answers to the top 5 questions asked about quilting fabrics.

#1 Do I require an expensive sewing machine for quilting?

No, quilting should not burn a hole in your pocket. It’s all about the methods and skills, you need not invest in a fancy sewing machine, at least not as a beginner. All you need is a working machine.

#2 Why are my quilt’s edges wavy?

If you have just started quilting or sewing, this can happen. If you wish to minimize wavy edges, consider pinning your fabrics together. This will allow the top and the bottom fabric to feed equally in the machine.

#3 Why does my thread keep breaking while quilting?

You might need to use threads that are 40 wt or above. Generally, 40 to 50 wt threads work well. Both, full cotton, and poly-cotton threads can work.

5 Unique Sewing Projects To Make From Quilting Fabric

Having sewer’s block? Keep calm, Broadway Fabrics has got you covered! Here are some quick, easy sewing projects you can make using quilting fabrics:

  • Scented Sachets for your cars, shoes, and closets. If you have got some leftover quilting material, consider making these fragrant cuties.
  • Small Fabric Piece Quilt: These act as great table mats and look amazing on dining tables, study tables, and even in the kitchen.
  • Coin Purse: If you are teaching your kids how to sew, this could possibly be the best DIY using quilting fabrics.
  • Dish Towel: Easy to sew, these are the cutest, multi-utility kitchen decor you can make. They get made within no time.
  • Pin Cushion: Using some leftover scrap fabric as stuffing and quilting fabrics as the outer cover, you can make tiny, pretty pin cushions.

Where To Buy Quilting Fabrics?

Wondering “how can I find the best Quilt fabric stores near me?” Word of mouth works best in such scenarios. Stick to the local fabric stores that have been rated well by your friends and family. Do Not go for large fancy ones if you are tight on budget.

To get the best quilting fabric stores online, consider shopping from Broadway Fabrics. We offer a wide range of quilting fabrics as well as several other fabrics. We even have fabric panels for quilting. Get the best quilting fabric online!

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