FIGO Peppermint Fabric For Christmas-Themed Sewing Projects

Hello Fabric Friends! Quick question: What comes to your mind when you hear the word “peppermint”? Is it fresh leaves? Or a vibrant green color, or a cool & calming feeling? Well, when it’s FIGO Fabrics, peppermint is all about fabrics and Christmas-inspired nostalgia prints! If you are sewing for Christmas, and need to know about the Peppermint Fabric Collection by FIGO Fabrics, you have landed on the right blog. Hop in!

P.S. – In this write-up, we have included the details about the collection, its theme, and some interesting sewing projects that you can make using peppermint fabrics.

What Is Peppermint Fabric

While peppermint can mean things like essential oils, leaves, fragrances, here, what we are referring to is a fabric collection that features Christmas-themed prints and colors.

Now, you may wonder how does Christmas prints and the term peppermint gel with each other? Well, just like the coolness, freshness, and bright color of the peppermint leaf, Christmas is all about enthusiasm, chilly weather, and colorful decorations. Hope it all makes sense now.

The adorable Peppermint Fabric collection is manufactured by FIGO Fabrics and is known for creating contemporary, cool and aesthetic prints.

Fun Fact: FIGO means “cool” and its correct pronunciation is “fee-go”.

Dana Willard – The Creative Mind Behind Peppermint Fabric

The mastermind behind the winter wonderland vibe of Peppermint Fabrics is none other than the adorable Dana Willard. You must have seen her hosting the YouTube Series “Made Everyday”. Also, she is among the top fabric designers at FIGO Fabrics.

So you already had heard of and seen the art and here’s the artist. As sewers, quilts, and designers ourselves, we know how important a fabric design can be. A perfect theme and print can literally make all the difference. Here’s our bit in appreciating fabric designers and all the people involved in making the fabric that adorns your sewing projects

Sewing Incredible Projects Using FIGO’s Peppermint Fabric

Nothing’s better than celebrating the holidays and creating fun, handmade sewing projects. However, if you are facing sewers block, may we suggest these gorgeous ideas that would look amazing with Peppermint Fabrics?

Fabric Ornaments

Stars, trees, bells, stocking – you can make them all with the cool and modern collection of the Peppermint Figo Fabric.

Quilted Christmas Stocking

You have had enough of those regular stockings. How about sewing cute, quilted ones? This could be a new Christmas tradition.

Festive Face Masks

In these Covid times, it’s essential to be safe while celebrating. Dump those ugly pharmaceutical masks. Sew stylish, festive layered face masks.

Matching Christmas Pajamas

We all like to end Christmas in our cozy PJs with our family. You can create matching, comfy pajamas for your whole family with the peppermint fabric collection

How Broadway Fabrics Can Help You With FIGO’s Peppermint Fabric

Wondering where to buy legit Peppermint fabric from? Keep Calm. We have got you covered. Broadway Fabrics is delighted to feature the cool, pepperminty fabric collection by FIGO Fabrics. Cool shades, adorable Christmas prints, and premium-quality fabrics – all this is ensured by us. So, if you are looking for a full trip of festive nostalgia, consider getting the Peppermint Fabric collection at Broadway Fabrics.

Want to steal a deal? Well, we do an all-over US shipping for a flat $4. That’s a great reason to shop from Broadway Fabrics. Place your online order now.

Happy sewing!

Mar 28th 2022 Broadwayfabrics

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