How to Make: Fabric Coasters (Easy/Fun/Scrap Fabric Friendly!)

Today, we're making fabric coasters, and you will be so surprised at how easy they are to make! This fun and easy project can be whipped up so quickly. They also make great handmade gifts for friends, teachers, or fellow crafters! Grab your favorite fabric scraps and let's get started:

Here's what you'll need:

* Cotton fabric cut into 5" squares (2 squares per coaster)

* Cotton batting cut into 5" squares (1 square per coaster)

* Sewing machine, thread, scissors, pins or clips, rotary cutter & mat, iron & pressing mat


1) Sandwich your fabric layers: batting square + cotton fabric (right side up) + cotton fabric (wrong side up)

2) Clip or pin all around

3) Sew around all edges with 1/4" seam allowance leaving a small opening

4) Trim around excess and clip corners. Turn right side out (cotton fabric on outside and batting on inside)

5) Press with iron

6) Sew all around with 1/8" seam allowance (closing up the opening) and Done!

Make a set of 4 to give as gifts! Coasters are fun to give with a coffee mug or gift card to a popular coffee shop. 

Handmade gifts are the best!!

Happy Sewing,


May 20th 2021 Michelle Broadway

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