2020: A year in review for Broadway Fabrics

Happy New Year from the Broadways!

We made it another year!!! 2020 is in the books, and we are ready for all that 2021 brings Broadway Fabrics. We're so excited you've decided to join us on this fun and challenging journey of selling fabric online and are so appreciative of your support of our family business.

It's no secret 2020 has been an interesting year. With schools, churches, and businesses closing across the country, our normal day-to-day way of living drastically changed. Face to face shopping was quickly replaced with curbside pick-ups, and online shopping became the new norm.

"Stay at home" was something everyone became accustomed to, and it didn't take long for us as a family and small business to realize what that entailed. Our children finished out the school year virtually, but once summer hit, their days were spent swimming, playing outside, and either helping Mom in the fabric shop or Dad on the farm.

On the business side, this year has brought major change to our shop. Sewing became fun again! People across the country dusted off their old sewing machines (or purchased new ones) and dived right in to the world of crafting, sewing and quilting. Boy, was that a blessing to us! We dived right in with them and invested more into the business than we ever have. This past summer, we outgrew the small room in our house where we've been operating and purchased a portable building where we can maximize our workspace and grow our inventory. We started 2020 with under 400 different fabric prints, and we are ending the year with nearly 1,000!

Broadway Fabrics had a tremendous growing year in 2020. We're so grateful for the many customers and fellow small business owners that we've met along the way. We couldn't have reached our goals without this wonderful community of crafters and makers. You are the best! We pray that 2021 brings you the very best of success, health and happiness!

Our goal for the new year is to bring you more beautiful fabric (of course!), add more sewing supplies and patterns to our shop, post more live videos and BTS footage, and continue to offer you exceptional customer service along the way. We love our customers and the relationships we've built over the past year with each of you.

Thank you for an awesome year!

The Broadways

Jan 1st 2021 Michelle Broadway

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