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Rifle Paper Company – An Ultimate Source of the finest Quilting fabrics 

Rifle Paper Company selection includes:

  1. AMALFI 
  3. MEADOW 

I don’t get it.

You can’t love quilting yet use substandard fabric. It just won’t work unless you aren’t seeking quilting finesse. Therefore, you need to identify the best modern place to buy fabric bundles.

You know that there are hundreds of stores that sell quilting fabric online. Identify the best modern fabric store with the latest and best quality fabrics might be overwhelming for you.

We’ve cracked it for you.

If you are a religious quilter, DIYer, designer, or you just like playing with fabric to bring out your creativity, Broadway Fabrics might be the right online fabric store for you.

There is a wide range of beautiful fabric collections, and each one comes at amazingly affordable pricing. The remarkable thing, however, is the quality – it's premium.

In this write, I'll look at the three top-selling products from Broadway Fabrics.

Brand- Rifle paper company

Collection-   Garden Party

Additionally, I'll explain why choosing Broadway Fabrics might be the right choice for your career, DIY activities, or business.

Read on. 

The 3 Top-Selling Products

The only difference among these top-selling Rifle Paper Co garden party fabric products is their background color – Navy, blue-white, and cream. But still, they can vary on how you'll be using them.

Else, almost all other features are similar.

The manufacturer of the material is Cotton+Steel Fabrics, meaning it's pure cotton. Along with that, there are multiple enchanting colorways and prints, which guarantee you unique creations.

The entire Garden Party collection boasts of a wide variety of color schemes. Metallic shades of green, pink, blue, navy, yellow, cream, and white are standard.

So, what’s unique about rifle paper co garden party fabric?

The fabrics' default size is 44 inches wide and ¼ yard across, i.e., quarter yard fabric. However, you can order as many quarter yard fabrics as you wish.

These fabrics from Cotton + Steel Fabrics are 100% cotton fabrics; therefore, they are lightweight, i.e., a meager 4.71 oz/yd². That makes the fabric highly breathable; hence great for temperature regulation. They can make nice apparel for summer or springtime.

Interested in home décor?

Rifle paper company brand features modern fabric for curtains in your house windows. For instance, the rifle paper co garden party blue is classical, especially the navy shade. Apart from being a versatile option, it’s very sophisticated.

Essentially, navy blue offers a perfect amount of contrast for interiors in both traditional and modern home styles. Therefore, it'll be fantastic to get yourself a Garden Party navy Wildwood cotton to create stylish curtains or other home décor accents for your home.

The top-selling rifle paper co garden party fabric features flower patterns. Though floral designs have been around for years, these pretty patterns come with much more modern updates, making them ideal for everyday application.

What are Cotton+Steel fabrics?This is a collection of fabric bundles designed exclusively for crafters and quilters. The fabric is typically a mix and match collection put together to suit every season. The exciting thing about the Cotton+Steel fabrics is their versatility. Though they come in different color palettes and themes, they perfectly complement each other.

A more in-depth look at our top three products:

Rifle Paper Co floral fabric, Garden Party navy Wildwood cotton

Designed by Rifle Paper Company, this quilting cotton fabric features pretty floral bouquets in blue and peach with admirable splashes of yellow and red pops against a rich navy background.

If you like vintage-inspired stuff, you can sew yourself a bag. Else, this fabric can create one of the best romantic dresses.

The minimum fabric size you can purchase is a quarter yard, i.e., 44-inches wide by inches long. However, there comes a time when you don't require a perfectly cut fabric or you are short on cash. In this case, you can buy the Destash 9" Inch - Rifle Paper Co floral fabric, Garden Party navy Wildwood cotton.

Destash, typically is a mis-cut piece of fabric or single end-of-the bolt fabric. Its only shortcoming is that it doesn't come in precise sizes, meaning its yardage is approximate. Therefore, if you don't have strict fabric requirements, Destash might be the right fabric option for you.

Once you purchase this fabric, the sale is final – no returns are accepted. Remember, it costs much less than a full quarter yard.

Rifle Paper Co floral fabric, Garden Party Petite blue-white Wildwood

This is another lightweight and versatile quilting cotton fabric from Rifle Paper Co's Wildwood collection, offering endless possibilities.

This impressive fabric features floral sprays in a cheerful and lively color scheme of blue, green, and peach. All these are accompanied by accents of coral and yellow crowded together atop a pale blue background.

What do you think about this splashy pure cotton quilting fabric from Rifle Paper Co?

Well, I think you can use it as a potential addition to your flora quilt. Besides, you can design a lovely and stylish clutch or even a stunning skirt.

Rifle Paper Co floral fabric, Garden Party Petite Cream Wildwood cotton

If you got a go-getter attitude, then this pure cotton fabric might be the right option for you. Its touchy and aggressive floral bouquets in a cheerful color scheme bloom on an ivory background give the material a breathtaking outlook.

Your summer or spring can be comfortable with this pure cotton fabric. We offer pre-cut fabric bundles to make it easier for you to design whatever stuff you want.

How creative are you? Let's put to use our garden party petite cream wildwood cotton. You can design lots of gorgeous blouses or make different kinds of lush quilt blocks. Is it springtime? You can indulge in an idyllic decor project.

Why Choose Rifle Paper Co Garden Party Fabric

Rifle Paper Company and Cotton + Steel team up to produce one of the most stunning collections of fabrics. They make the best quilting fabric stores online. Their top-notch designers bring to life idolized florals with the latest color palettes.

Whether you are looking for unbleached companion canvas prints or quilting cotton woven, Garden Party might be the right place for you. You can put these fabrics to various uses, e.g., patchwork, apparel, home décor, and accessories.

So, why choose garden party fabric?

Material quality

Any quilter will tell you; the best material gives the much-needed flexibility and ease of use. You can design a wide range of stuff with very little waste material. For this reason, rifle paper co garden party fabric on deals with approved material for quilting.

100% cotton is the standard material for quilting. Pure cotton has little chance of shrinking or bleeding when laundered. Look, a deep or bright colored cotton can bleed to white fabric, ruining your quilts. But there are many ways to avoid this – for example, launder the fabric before quilting.

You can also get a variety of cotton decorator fabrics. These are a bit heavier, have a sateen finish, and are ideal for designing quilted decorations for homes. However, they lack the drapability of lightweight fabrics.

Experienced quilters can use quilter’s linen, an all-cotton fabric that comes in various designs and colors.

These fabrics have been designed in different rich color schemes and fabulous florals. Such handiwork makes it possible to put them into many uses.

Highly affordable

Any quilter or fabric design DIYer can afford rifle paper co garden party fabric. The smallest piece, commonly called quarter yard fabric, retails at $2.93, and it measures 9-inch x 44-inch. You can use such a piece for a variety of tasks.

The best part is you can order as many quarter yards as your applications need. You can get the fabric in a continuous bundle or as pre-cut fabric bundles. Keep in mind that the material is cut directly from its roll (bolt).

Faster shipping

How fast does your favorite quilting fabric online stores take to deliver textile? What makes the best quilting fabric store online, its quick delivery. It takes a maximum of two days business for customers to receive their fabric.

Bottom Line

You might be debating whether or not our fabric bundles are worth your time and skills. The information is pretty clear about the usage, quality, and availability of the fabric.

Pure cotton is our treasured material, and since our cotton is from Cotton + Steel fabrics, our Garden Party collection promises the most modern fabric for all applications. So, rifle paper co garden party fabric will offer you satisfaction for all your designing and quilting needs. Do not hesitate to pink your favorite color scheme.