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Destash Fabric

Destash Fabric

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Broadway Fabrics Clearance: Shop Soft Fabrics at Discounted Prices

We love our stashes because they make you happy - they serve their purpose rightfully. But it reaches at a time when you just destash, especially when you get to the point of having an insurmountable fabric stash, including scrap stash. As much as every creative  quilter, will keep up to the last piece, and times, you just get that pile.

Look, at Broadway fabric, we do a lot of fabric cutting, and this always leaves us with lots scrap fabric, end-of-the bolt cut or mis-cut piece of fabric. Remember, we sell our fabrics in increments of ¼ yards. So, what happens if you remain with 9-inch or 20-inch fabric?

We cannot throw it away because someone somewhere can give it a new lease on life. Quilters, sewist, and fabric enthusiasts can create something breathtaking from these fabrics, including patchwork.  Besides, some people can not a afford a full length fabrics, yet they have the desire and skills to create sensation pieces.

Any fabric that doesn’t fall in the ¼ yard increment, we sell it as DESTASH! Destash is an opportunity to offer you quality fabrics at a much cheaper price than our already lower prices.

Sometimes we call it clearance fabric sale - The major idea is that we are we are selling stashes that are overdue at a giveaway price. We let you give these fabrics a chance to create something affordable.

Keep in mind that our Destash is not only about scarp spaces. Why? We destash when: 

  • We have more stashes than we can handle
  • Our stashes are deadstock
  • When Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy

Simple Ways To Use Our Destash Fabrics

Many people my think destashing is getting rid of fabrics. On the contrary, it means giving otherwise, “useless” fabric a new job. Buyers of our Destash fabrics can use them for:

Creating easy and quick projects such as creating pillowcases. Did you know that pillowcases have a wide range of uses. Apart from sleeping, they can be used to organize linen as well as storing and transporting quilts.

Refining your sewing and quilting skills, specifically, polishing free motion quilting skills. Shop two fat quarters and quilting batting from Broadway Fabrics and start practicing.

Making backings. Should the back of a quilt match its front? Most quilt shows and magazines always depict that they should match. But it does not have to be that way always. Shop any of our destash fabric and use them to make quit backing. Just get creative!

Check out this space periodically; we offer discontinued prints, remnant pieces, single pre-cut fat quarters, and many more. Take advantage of this opportunity and order your favorite fabrics. Though it is destashing, they are still highly functional. Add to cart today! All discounts are awarded at checkout. Order yours today to start your quilting projects.

Note: All sales are final - no returns will be accepted for Clearance items.