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Things to keep in mind about fabrics while you shop by theme 

 Choosing fabric for a new project for the quilting process is quite challenging. It can be time-consuming as you have to look for the options and shop by theme for your quilts. Broadway Fabric is here for your help, and we are sharing some of the tips and tricks for choosing the fabric by theme, color, and scale.

We understand that you often feel petrified that you would go with a color and fabric theme that would look awful together. No one wants to feel frustrated or regrets the fabric people choose after investing so much time, money, and effort in sewing projects.

Here are some helpful tips that would make a difference and your task of choosing fabric easy. Let's dive into to find more!

Start with a Designer Curated Fabric Collection

When you're just planning or still not feeling confident about choosing fabric, start with a pre-curated fabric collection. These fabrics are for beginners. Curated fabric collections from the manufacturers can save your time as they already have various colors and prints. You can shop by theme these fabrics online that are pre-coordinated with lots of built-in contrast in color and scale.

Generally, you've got prints in different shapes like dots, stripes, florals, and in different scales ranging from small, medium to large with proper color coordination.

Check out some of the tips on choosing cotton fabric by theme, color, and scale before you begin your sewing projects.

Cotton Fabric by Theme

To assist you in selecting your 100% Quality Cotton Fabric, we at Broadway have group fabric into some unique themes so you can find what you are for flowers, fruits, cars, cats, dogs, and fairies; some of them are as below. Our Cotton Fabrics are of the best quality and suitable for Quilting, pillow, and other sewing projects.


If you are looking for Animals, we have dinosaurs, farm animals, mystical/imaginary animals, safari/zoo animals, sea animals, tropical animals & woodland animals. You have to find your quilting fabric with animals as part of the design in this category from Broadway Fabric.


Create eye-catching sewing projects with Arrow fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics! This bright and soft fabric boasts a background with arrows of various lengths and styles. You can use this fabric for accent pillows, blankets, apparel, and home decor creations with bold patterns.


Suppose you are a fan of nature. Our Floral fabric is a perfect match for your style. You can shop by a theme to get it. Broadway Fabric adds beautiful floral prints to cotton quilting fabric for patchwork that is ideal for quilting projects. Some of these floral fabric has a retro or vintage look that you find in any garden scene.


You'll love these beautiful florals, citrus fruits, and bright colors fabrics that are perfect for spring sewing. It is easy to choose this fabric, you have to click on shop by theme, and you will get plenty of options for fruits fabrics, Orange peach fabric, Pink, red strawberries, Citrus Floral Cream, Watermelon fabric, Navy lemons fruit fabric, and many more on the list.

Transportation: "Things That Go."

Cars, planes, bikes, and anything else with wheels will be parked up here on fabrics at Broadway Fabrics. You will get to choose from cars, Excavators, bulldozers, cranes, Vintage camper, caravan, and sailboats. These fabrics are best suitable for kid boys for their quilts and pillow sewing projects.

When shopping fabrics by theme, think about color and scale

We understand it is not easy to get right, just right away. Creativity – quilting included is a journey. The more you explore and try to get new things. The more you will sense of expression via color, fabric theme, and style. If you are planning to begin a sewing project, there are some essential things to learn. Check the two most important of them as follows:


Find fabric and choose your color scheme based on that fabric style. A few years ago, When making a baby quilt for my sister, she liked this fruit fabric by Maja Faber, a fruity collection from Paintbrush Studio, so we used that jumping off from the rest of the materials. If you look at the fabrics, you will notice that the colors aren't the same shade of red or Pink. We have plenty of other shades with the same tone.

Scale (or Size)

Think about the different sizes of the prints for your quilts. For example, the fabrics nowadays are available in both small and large scale prints. It is so fun to work to choose and give added interest to your quilts. But if you use a large-scale pattern every time, your quilt will look out of control. All those big prints will look messy. Always choose fabric scale by keeping in mind the length of the fabric you are using for the sewing project.

Ask a Shop for Help

One of the best places to ask for help is at a local shop, but now you also have another option- Online. Broadway Fabric is the best online platform for a fabric collection. You can visit the website online and choose and shop by theme the best suitable fabric for your requirements.

You can easily search with us online by clicking on the theme, pattern, or style you want. So visit Broadway Fabric now and begin your search for fabric shopping!