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Measuring Tools

Measuring Tools

Measuring Tools

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Shop sewing Measuring Tools online for accurate measurement

When it comes to sewing projects, it is essential that you take accurate measurements to make your project best. Not only will an accurate measurement help to ensure a proper fit, but it will also help you to design professional looking projects. So before you begin, you need measuring tools for your sewing projects. It is a small investment that will help you save time and money in the long run. And here is a list of things that you should know and have to get started in your sewing adventures.

Some of them must have while other measuring tools can make your sewing quicker and more accessible for the professional seamstress. If you are a hobbyist, you might get away with a few measuring devices, but you should invest in them all to be prepared for whatever comes on your sewing table if you are a professional. 

Mask template ruler

June tailor’s face mask ruler is a measuring tool available online at Broadway Fabrics. It provides options of making 3 sizes of face masks: child, youth and adult. The ruler offers facial coverage and overall fit without any trouble with complex or cumbersome pleating.

You can use it with a marking pen and scissors or rotary cutter and mat. It has four squares of fabric per mask; two feature fabric squares, and two lining fabric squares. 

Omnigrid ruler

Omnigrid ruler are perfect for quilting and sewing! These rulers are handy and great for measuring and cutting. The edge markings on the ruler make measuring accurate, and the laser-cut edges gives a smooth cut. It is available in various sizes at Broadway fabric, 2.5" X 8" ruler, 1" X 6" ruler. You can buy this measuring tool online.

Plenty of measuring tools on your table can make it difficult for you to find the one you need. Omnigrid Wooden Ruler rack available at Broadway fabric can help get the ruler you need and keep your workplace clear. It has 5 slots to store rulers upright and visible without rulers touching. The ruler stand has acrylic feet on bottom to prevent slipping and is 19 5/8" X 3 7/8" X ¾ so is easy to place. 

Lori Holt Cute Cuts Ruler 

Cute Cuts rulers by Lori Holt are another measuring tool you need to make your quilting and sewing project best. A handy ruler is available in 1.5" X 6.5" size with edge markings for accurate measuring and laser cut edges for smooth cutting. 

Half Square Triangle ruler

Half Square Triangle ruler all in one measuring tool to create Half-Square Triangle blocks and Quarter-Square Triangle blocks. It is manufactured by June Tailor, Inc in U.S.A. You can create blocks in six popular finished sizes from 1" to 6".

The half-square triangle template ruler at Broadway fabric can help you to: 

 MARK- You can mark seams using slots designed to accommodate most fabric marking pens. 

CUT-Then you can make use of cutting slot to cut sewn squares in half. 

SQUARE- The blocks are then made to finished size using printed lines and cutting slots.

Hexagon quilt ruler

Hexagon quilt ruler is another measuring tool used to create perfect hexagons for piecing and applique quilt projects. It is manufactured by June Tailor, Inc in U.S.A. The ruler is marked with nine finished sizes for cutting 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2", 4", 4-1/2", 5" and 6". It helps you easily cut perfect hexagons with a rotary cutter and cutting mat without marking and tracing. 

The ruler is easy to use. You can begin with a fabric strip to cut two opposite side and then rotate the ruler to cut the other two sides. The layer strips of the ruler helps to cut multiple hexagons at a time. It is easy to use the ruler but if you find any difficulty to while utilizing the ruler you can follow the instruction included with ruler. 

Round the Corner sewing template

Round the Corner sewing template ruler is perfect measuring tool to create perfect round corners on quilts, blankets, and other crafting projects. The ruler is made in USA by June Tailor, Inc. You can use this ruler with a marking pen or a rotary cutter. It includes two size corner options for small or large projects. You can buy this online to make your sewing quick. 

Where to get all the measuring tools?

The above measuring tools are all you require to make your sewing perfect. As your sewing skills become more advanced, you may want to invest and experiment with more advanced tools to do your job efficiently. Visit Broadway Fabric online to shop these measuring tools. You can find the tools you need here. 

Hurry!! Shop measuring tools online at Broadway Fabric today!